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– Nevermore souls do not add for killing enemy with his ulti (Requiem of Souls).

– Diffusal’s Purge can be used to destroy Gyrocopter’s Homing Missile.

– Ghost Scepter, if activated after getting hit by Venomancer’s Poison Nova, removes it completely. If the Scepter was activated before getting hit by Poison Nova, the damage gets amplified.

– Enigma’s Black Hole can stop the enemy fountain.

– Ghost Form can avoid Techies’ land mines and suicide damage.

– Nortrom can steal enemy intelligence even when his opponent’s INT falls to zero. (thereby giving him -1, -2… INT)

– Rylai’s aura stops working when she is invisible.

– [Morphling] Right Clicking somewhere while in waveform distorts the waveform while elongating it.

– You can use items while in Omnislash. eg. dagon, orchid malevolance, healing salve, etc.

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Here are a few more random dota facts…

– Nortrom’s Last Word gets disabled if he himself is silenced. In other words, if Nortrom is silenced, he won’t be able to silence other’s with his Last Word.

– Manually casting orb spells have greater range than auto-casting them.

– You can buy items while teleporting without breaking the channel.

– Assault Cuirass’s +/- armor aura works on buildings!

– You can use lothar’s edge while channeling spells without breaking the channel.

– Your allies can teleport on Undying’s Tombstone.

Glyph works on Undying’s Tombstone. Fixed in 6.64

– While Glyph is activated every hit deals 1 dmg. to buildings

– Axe gets extra 0.01 mana regen because counter helix is based off brilliance aura.

– This can also be attributed as just a coincidence but the two heroes introduced in 6.66 were based off the Icefrog concept… Ancient Apparition (Ice) + Slark (Frog) == Icefrog! 😀

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Special Thanks to Antiweltteilchen
Thanks to Luminous48 for corrections.

I’m planning to give away random dota facts from time to time. You’ll find many of these on the official website’s front page or some might be taken from my old entries so… enjoy! 😀

Note than I’ll change the title of this post to v1.1, v1.2 and so on whenever I update it. 🙂

– Both the Illusion rune and the Double Damage rune will NOT affect your hero when you’re magic immune (beware BKB and N’aix users!)

– Zeus’ Thundergod’s Wrath does not damage isolated invisible enemies but you’ll gain the vision of them for a few seconds. [Vision of the place where the enemy was when spell was used]

– If a unit bottles a rune, and still has that rune 1:59 minutes after bottling, and becomes Doomed, Astral-Imprisoned or somehow paused, they will not use the rune and will instead drop it at their current position. (more…)