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Epic DotA Replays!

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Replays
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Epic DotA Replays

Yoyoyo! As I promised, my new blog just on EPIC Dota Replays is out. is a collection of my favourite replays. I know you will love those replays too. 😛

The template is a simple one, maybe I’ll upgrade it some day. The point is… the replay should be good. You can also check out the blog footer for recommended games of the heroes listed.

You can check out the new blog here. Gogogo! Download that replay and enjoy the epic awesomeness. 😀 Do not forget to subscribe to epicdotareplays for updates to epic matches. 😛 Btw, I’ll also be posting some competitive news on the blog. (more…)

DotA Secrets FeedHello Dotaters, 😛

I’ve prepared a compilation of the best hero strategy guides available on the internet. I have included a link to every guide I read/reviewed, and rated the best guide out of them all. These guides might be from any website/blog on the web.

The heroes have been arranged in alphabetical order according to their name. If you’re can’t find a hero, kindly use the Search Feature (“Ctrl+F”) of your Internet Browser.