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  1. David says:


    Firstly I’m not sure if this secret has already been exposed but I believe there are not many Syllabear players like me who has experiment this bug for a long time, it is a “stun bug” when Spirit bear has basher it causes 100% stun every single hit. Now this bug has been working for many older versions of dota until the latest version 6.70c now. I have since reported this bug to Icefrog but never got a response. I am willing to share this bug to the public if it is allowed I do understand this bug can be abused although not easy and risky. Let me know if you’re interested.


  2. Phoenix says:

    Hi David. If there’s a bug you know, dont expose it in public. How did you report the bug to Icefrog? I’m sure he would’ve looked into the issue if you mailed him or reported on playdota forums. If not, please do so or mail me the bug at phoenix.noreply (@) I’ll make sure Icefrog looks into the issue if it is genuine. 🙂

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