Replay Seeker

This tool should help you to manipulate the replay playback.

DOWNLOAD LINK (ver 1.1) (Download from Google Drive)

Features of the software

  • You can change the speed of the replay from 1/32x to 31x or make it run “as fast as possible”.
  • You can specify the position in the replay that you want to reach, and ReplaySeeker will quickly fast-forward replay to that position, pausing the replay when done and playing a sound (to notify you). Note that this works while Warcraft is minimized, which allows you to do something else during the process (like browsing the forums).
  • Rewinding is supported but by restarting the replay and then fast-forwarding to the specified position, so it’s not an actual rewind. You can always check whether the replay will be restarted or not by looking at the “sync solution” field.


Since this program is written in C#, you need to have .NET Framework 2.0 (22.4 mb approx.) installed on your computer (see link below).

For Vista users: To run this tool in Vista without any errors you must right click the exe and from the dropdown menu select “Run as administrator”.

Plugin System

You can write your own plugins that will do what you want with the replay data, using the interfaces provided in the ReplaySeeker Plugin API package.

Plugin API+Documentation package: ReplaySeeker Plugin API.rar

Sample Project

To make things more simple, I’ve also provided a sample project for those who want to learn how to write their own plugins: SamplePlugin Project.rar

Available Plugins

1. Replay Hotkeys (by Danat)

A basic plugin that allows you to specify hotkeys for Pause, Speed Increase/Decrease, toggle on/off ally/enemy hp bars.
Binary: ReplayHotkeys v1.0.rar Source: ReplayHotkeys_v1.0_source.rar

2. SimpleCamera (by DonTomaso)

A plugin that allows you to control the camera in Warcraft 3 without restrictions.
Download Link: Simple Camera

3. RSExtensions (by DonTomaso)

A plugin that prevents the replay of pausing when you unfocus the window (alt+tab), when not fast-forwarding.

NOTE: To use this plugins you need to copy the .dll file to the Plugins folder of the ReplaySeeker.


If ReplaySeeker1.1 doesnt detect replays but previous versions do, then change the value specified in the ProcessName property inside “repseek.cfg” file to the name of the Warcraft process that you see in the Windows Task Manager when Warcraft is running. Most likely you would change “war3” to “War3” (idk why it differs on some computers).

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    How thus the simple cameraworks?

  6. Phoenix says:

    Please follow the below given link to know more about Simple Camera.

    Simple Camera on PlayDota

  7. kirin23 says:

    I don’t understand how to troubleshoot Replay Seeker. I opened a replay and then start Replay Seeker but still it doesn’t sense a replay…

  8. Elsonlacap says:

    Nice ! Thank you very much!

  9. mugen441 says:

    hi with everyone, i got an awfull problem , today the rs 1.1c was running perfect , but now i try to use it and when i change the replay speed it always get to 1x again , i cant change the replay speed , anyone who can help me?


  11. free music says:

    i like it Replay Seeker « DotA Secrets at this moment im your rss reader

  12. Endod says:

    why i can’t to run the replayseeker.exe ?
    it said ” The application failed to initialize properly (0x0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.”

  13. Phoenix says:

    Hi Endod. Unfortunately I’m not completely updated about this stuff. Kindly ask your question at the playdota ‘quick help’ forum. Follow the below given link:-

    Playdota Quick Help

  14. mr.gotname says:

    after using a replay seeker,where it save,i want make dota movie,so some one can help me make it

  15. Phoenix says:

    Hi. It’s better if you could ask any questions at
    The reason being I’ve been out of Dota for quite some while and now I’m focusing on Dota 2. Hope you understand 🙂

  16. yehtike says:

    Unhandled exception has occured in your application…….
    Tell me how to fix it -_-ll

  17. Phoenix says:

    Hi. Please ask any questions at . Thanks 🙂

  18. namangemini says:

    windows 7 users, right click application->open as admin

  19. Noel Denardo says:

    This actually answered my problem, thanks!

  20. Daniel says:

    awe.. i cant click synchronize 😦 .. reply please

  21. Phoenix says:

    Hi Daniel. Plz ask for all help you need on the Playdota forums. My knowledge might be outdated now. -.-‘

  22. Edith Williams says:

    Only wanna tell that this is very beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  23. balabis blanco says:

    Guys . is replay seeker only record cam ? not the recorded replay ?
    Please send your answer in my ym .
    ty ty

  24. swim says:

    em i’m late?

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