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Miniguide to Demolish based abilities

used by Quelling Blade & level 4 Spirit Bear. Read to find out how some heroes ‘extra’ benefit out of Quelling Blade. (Some people also call this bug 😛 ) (more…)

Sentinel Agility Heroes

Sentinel Agility Heroes

This post contains many facts concerning Sentinel Agility Heroes. These facts are unknown to many and having a knowledge of them improves the player’s game-play and helps him get out of sticky situations. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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Skill Description:
Random attacks cause roots to burst from the ground, immobilizing a target enemy unit for 3 seconds, and dealing 60 damage per second.
20% chance to entangle.
– This skill is acquired when the Spirit Bear is at level 3.
– This skill has a 5 second cooldown to prevent enemies from being permanently entangled.
– The skill is an orb effect and a buff placer when it procs.
A unit can’t Blink or Metamorphose when affected by this skill.
– If the target is affected by this skill and activates an invisibility spell you’ll be able to see him for Entangle’s duration.
– You can bash and crit at the same time Entangle is applied.
– Don’t go by the name. Entangle is an orb of slow which uses ‘Ensnare’ as base-skill.

What’s so interesting?
Now, what happens is that this skill is based on Pseudo Random Distribution. ‘Clogon’ at Dota-Allstars came out with a wonderful deduction by this. Basically, the chance of spirit bear entangling the enemy is 20% for the first time but much higher for subsequent entangles. Here’s what he posted as it is: (more…)