Welcome to Dotasecrets! This blog is dedicated to those who love to play Defense of the Ancients game (often referred to as DotA) which is a custom scenario for Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne. The blog comprises of various “secrets” of DotA Heroes & Items and tips & tricks related to the game. This blog has the most comprehensive research data on DotA available on the Internet.

History: The first post of this blog was published on 24 Oct,2008. At that time the blog’s primary aim was to produce high quality guides and was named “Dotastrats”. But as time passed by, it was noted that readers of the blog were more interested in mechanics of the game rather than tactics. Since then, the blog has been producing posts on Advanced Mechanics in DotA and is called “Dotasecrets”. 🙂

Just keep coming back and enjoy the blog. Comment to posts will be highly appreciated. And start getting used to being called “Pro” by your friends. 😀

– Phoenix
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  1. forSaken says:

    Nice wrk dude 😉

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