6.65 has an updated loadscreen

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Wallpapers

Kunkka Fan Art Traxex

Click to Enlarge

Couldn’t resist myself from posting this here. 😀


Hey guys,
just letting everyone know that the next version will have an updated loadscreen. edits are mainly cosmetic, nothing major. so look out for it in the next release..
Also, I finally got to painting single heroes of DOTA, (epic battles are way too tiring  ) which are much more fun to do.
Who better to kickstart it than Traxex the Drow Ranger.
She is one of the most iconic heroes in Dota. also partly due to Icefrog’s unhealthy obsession with her…
(haha, just kidding Ice)
YaY! Also, find out the Icefrog in this picture. 😛
  1. Shakespeare509 says:

    Kunkka, I saw Ice’s picture in your piece (Traxex). (^^, Good job!

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