Just for the Lolz: Happy Anniversary DotaSecrets!

Posted: October 24, 2009 in Advanced Mechanics, Tips n Tricks
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About the Anniversary

Yes, one year ago on the same day I launched dotastrats which now we know as dotasecrets (For those who don’t know, the blog can also be accessed by the address www.dotasecrets.co.nr or simply dotasecrets.co.nr). This is an important occasion for me. πŸ™‚ bla bla bla… I don’t want to bore you so lets just move onto the lolz part πŸ˜€ (Though I’m producing this post I’m still away from blogging… πŸ˜› )

[Boring Stuff: You can find the old blog here. πŸ™‚ ]

Just for the lolz!

Here are a few things you could try out just for the lulz… some of these are bugs… a few of which are even useful while playing while some can be used to just ! They are taken from the Fact Competition held @ dota-allstars.com. Enjoy!

Hall of Fame

Winners of the competition…

1. Submitted by Charcoal80

Fun with Fountain

There’s an easy way to camp at enemy’s fountain without the fountain retaliating. Just use CM’s Frostbite that lasts for 10s with 10s cooldown against it.

2. Submitted by antiweltteilchen

Attack allied tower with Alchemist!

So what happens here?

Alchemist attacks a full hp allied tower which normally can’t be attacked.

The reasons why it works are the following:

1.) The AI issues a triggered stop command to units which attack units normally not attackable.
2.) Alchemist got a non-permanent transformation spell with transformation time >0 and the unstoppable option.

The point: the stop command won’t work on alchemist when he is morphing because of the aforementioned unstoppable option.

So the events in the timeline look like that:

1.) Alchemist begins attacking a target (hardcoded event)
2.) Alchemist transforms back
3.) Alchemist begins attacking a target (triggered event)
4.) Stop command is issued without effect
5.) Alchemist reaches damage point

3. Submitted by Onin-

Kill Instantly with Lanaya

Remember Dagon Lanaya? Why not take it a step further? If you Purge a summoned unit just after firing an attack at it, Psi Blades will deal the Purge’s 99999 damage in its AoE, instantly killing the summon and anything standing behind it.

Details about the ‘Dagon Lanaya’ can be found below in ‘Other Entries’ #11.

4. Submitted by Hassaan

The unusable/undroppable bottle:

Get a courier. Fill a rune using the courier. Send the courier to die in their tower/fountain/creeps. Type on main:

**** ! MY BOTTLE !!!

Let the enemy hero pick the bottle. And watch them cry because they just wasted an inventory slot.

5. Submitted by antiweltteilchen

Dodge with Transformation Time

Medusa’s split shot uses a bear form spell as base with a transformation time of 0.1 seconds just like Troll Warlord, because of that you are also able to dodge disables with switching it on/off.

You can find more information on dodging with transformation time in my earlier blog postΒ here.

Fun with Fountain
There’s an easy way to camp at enemy’s fountain without the fountain retaliating. Just use CM’s Frostbite that lasts for 10s with 10s cooldown against it.

Other Entries

Filetered out a few…

1. by Onin-

The knockback effect of Batrider’s Flamebreak uses direct positioning. This means that if you get hit by the knockback just before you Blink, Teleport or use a similar ability, Flamebreak will put you right back where you were before.

2. by Foede

Dirge’s Soul Rip can target any building on the game, but with no effect on them, with the exception of his tombstone, which will be healed.

3. by starfighter9

The Sliding Elune’s Arrow

Although POTM’s Arrow usually flies in a straight line, if it hits the edge of the map and runs out of space to move directly ahead, it will slide along the edge of the map in the direction it was shot in. Useful when your enemy uses instant move skills or runs to the side shops/trees at the very edge and attempts to teleport, if you are unsure of exactly where he is then fire an arrow that will slide along the edge of the map. It is of course still subject to distance limitations.

4. by antiweltteilchen

What happens:

1) Tango is used.
2) The event spell_effect triggers, placing the slow aura buff and dealing 0 damage.
3) Because of the 0 damage borrowed time triggers which the triggered windwalk call destroying the order queue.
4) The spell effect actually didn’t finish because of that so the tree won’t be chopped and a charge won’t be taken.
5) You still benefit from the heal since it’s triggered.

5. by Adi_Nemesis

I believe it’s a hardcoded bug, but rejuvenation’s interaction with unit pauses is abnormal. You will get healed more then the specified about when getting healed by a spell based off rejuvenation, because the healing keeps stacking up while the timer for the spell’s heal is still paused. thus the longer your paused, the more you will get healed.

You can take advantage of this when your hero is paused with a spell based off rejuvenation still active on you, an example being trapped in faceless void’s chronosphere.

6. by Dox-

Although Mirana’s range and Starfall ‘100% chance to hit’ AoE check are the same (600), performing ‘Attack’ command from far distance on not moving unit wouldn’t reach required AoE for Starfall.

That’s because of diffrent AoE checking between hardcoded and triggered abilities. For PotM’s attack all you need is contact with edge of collision size. Starfall requires center of collision size, which is a bit further.

Protip: after hitting with Arrow come a little bit closer than your attack range.

7. by intricatekill

Tiny can perform an avalanche+toss combo on a single hero, which refers to that you use toss during avalanche which will cause the unit to be hit twice by avalanche, so basically, if you see someone like enigma in river, blink avalanche+toss same time and he’ll die before he knows what happend.

8. by charcoal80

Sand King’s Caustic Finale has the same base skill as Ursa’s Fury Swipes. If both Ursa and Sand King are attacking the same target, SK’s attacks will also increase Fury Swipes’ bonus damage. When the unit is killed the explosion damage from Caustic Finale will be dealt to all targets within 400 AoE so long as the target still has the Fury Swipes buff at the moment of death.

9. by Foede

Triggered movement still happens with hidden units, even if you notice it or not.

A recalled unit (eza’s ghost form) while under the effects of astral imprisonment (OD), will be moved next to ezalor, and then re-appear from his hidden state where eza teleported him.

A Mangix affected with X marks the spot (Kunka), after using his ulti, will be moved, but it will be moved again to the earth panda’s location once his ulti ends.

10. by SpiritOfNoobs

Armlet can be activated and placed on spirit bear without it suffering any degen. It will not gain any strength, but it will gain all the other benefits.

11. by starfighter9

The Dagon Lanaya

A summary of how Psi Blades work would be that after you fire your attack projectile at a non-structure unit, a trigger is made to be called when the unit is damaged or after 2 seconds have passed. This trigger will check for the damage source, and if it is Lanaya, will then deal the damage to units in the AoE. A side consequence of this is that if you deal damage to the target after you fire off your attack projectile and before it hits, the trigger will run and ‘splash’ that damage. Since Lanaya has a not-too-fast projectile speed, it is entirely possible to fire off your attack, then unleash the full fury of your Dagon 5 onto all enemy units in the AoE for 800 pure, unreduced damage (Psi Blades ‘splash’ is pure).

12. by kevs926

Waveform Extension

When you cast waveform make sure you spam a right click move command to the direction your wave is going. This extends the waveform, most noticeably when you have a haste rune or just a high movespeed. The important thing is to spam right click since the waveform trigger moves morph every .04 secs(i think) so the right click move command is cancelled every .04 secs.

13. by spicysashimi

Two separate instances of the ladder based spell permanent invisibility will allow the unit to attack and cast spells without revealing itself. This can be easily reproduced in dota using a combination of Mirana’s ultimate with either Stealth Assassin’s ultimate or Broodmother’s web.

14. by protomanx1

When you are playing the vastly superior Maelstrom-Pugna remember not to be tempted by that Divine Rapier on the ground, if you drop your Maelstrom while the Chain Lightning is bouncing it will stop, preventing your Triple Kill. (Also applicable to Mjollnir)

15. by SoletLuna

Non-combat consumables aren’t dispelled by damage below 20, whether hardcoded or triggered. (Like Rot lvl 1-3 won’t do, but who do I tell? x.x)
Though, hardcoded 0-damage events like Hex or Ensnare will fuck you up.
Though second, DT: Normal and DT: Enhanced will always fuck it up.

16. by Onin-

It’s possible to kill melee units with Backtrack, as it’s based on the Spiked Carapace ability which always deals at least 1 damage to melee attackers.

17. by Swifter555

Radiance is one of the only auras that affects others while you are invisible as it is based on Building Damage Aura (Tornado); This in contrast to abilities such as Rot / Pulse Nova where if you go invisible you will not be able to deal damage to enemies but still drain your HP/MP.

18. by SoletLuna

Elune’s Arrow, if timed right, flying over neutrals on spawning time, can prevent neutrals from spawning.

19. by JeeZ

Heroes like Lycanthrope and Dragon Knight who transform can remain in their transformations even if they cast Mirror Image ( Manta Style ) by arranging commands ( Hold shift -> move position -> transform -> manta style )

PS : Doesn’t work with Avatar/Rage though.

20. by Foede

Free Skadi


-Lich with at least 1 lvl of Frost armor
-Enemy Centaur with at least 1 lvl of Return

-Any unit with frost armor casted on, when attacking the centaur, will slow him, as if the Centaur had attacked the unit with frost armor.

21. by Hassaan

Ok so you running from a 5 person gank and got some dps spells on you so you cannot dagger away. What you do is you move to the edge and shift queue force staff and then euls on YOURSELF. Which will make you invulnerable while sliding. So you managed to outrun them AND escaped the dps which was supposed to kill you.

A good use for both items targetable on yourself.

22. by antiweltteilchen

Exactly and only the first you use a shapeshifting skill, the base mana regeneration of the unit you just morphed into is switched off for the whole transformation time.

Primary affected in DotA is Alchemist because he has a relatively long metamorph time and a high base mana regeneration in chemical rage.

Assuming you don’t have any % mana regen increase items and use chemical rage the first time at level 1 you lose 0.35*3 mana because of that fact.

23. by jojothebandit

Glyph also fortifies Dirges tombstone. Can be very usefull in large skirmishes.

24. by spicysashimi

When SpiritBreaker loses sight of his charged target, by dispelling the faerie fire buff using aphotic shield, diffusal blade, kraken’s shell, bkb, etc., Spirit Breaker will be given an attack move command to the last seen location of the charged target. Attack move allows Spirit Breaker to get distracted and attack creeps, towers, and everything else in his way with the full benefits of charge; max move speed and magic immunity. If Spirit Breaker regains sight of the target while in this state, he will reacquire his original target, and continue the charge where he left off.

25. by Swifter555

When Huskar and Necro’s ulti are both boosted by sceptre, it is possible to instagib a hero.

26. by Starfighter9

Spectral Escape

When cornered near the side of the map, it is possible to throw your dagger and then position yourself such that your unit centre is outside the map edge as defined by triggers. Since triggered spells seek out your unit centre rather than collision edge, and also usually rely on dummy units summoned directly above your head, being outside the map edge can prevent your inclusion in target groups, and also prevent dummies from being summoned to damage/stun you.

27. by antiweltteilchen

some facts involving chemical rage and procentual mana increasing items/skills:

1.) if you don’t drop and pickup a % mana increase item like sobi or void stone during chemical rage, the procentual bonus will only affect the base mana regeneration+mana regeneration from intelligence and not the base mana regeneration of alchemist in chemical rage.

example: you have 2 void stones and use lvl 3 chemical rage. ignoring mana reg from intelligence you get 2*0.01+12 mana/sek. the void stones only affect your base mana regenerationfrom your old form.

2.) it also works the other way around. if you dropped and picked up the 2 voidstones in ulti and you chemical rage ends and you don’t have full mana you will have a mana regeneration of 0.01+2*12 mana/sec.

in the other case you the mana regeneration is reset to the proper amount, meaning 3*0.01 mana/sec.

note that the mana regeneration is also reset when you change your intelligence in the time using this abnormal effect.

28. by battou

double sonic wave

you can actually get hit twice by 1 sonic wave. say you have a blink skill such as magina, you can be right beside QOP, get hit by the sonic wave as it comes out and blink in front and get hit again. this works similarly with x marks the spot.

29. by p3datic

What’s happening and why

Scenario 1:

PL throws a Spirit Lance and an image of Pudge appears.


When PL is chosen, dummy units with a Wand of Illusion ability are created. When a Spirit Lance is thrown, the dummy unit is told to cast its spell on the last hero that was chosen by PL’s player. In normal game play, this doesn’t matter at all, but in Single Player or -test mode, with -noherolimit on, the last hero you chose from the taverns will have the Wand of Illusion spell cast on it. In this scenario, I selected Pudge after selecting PL.

Scenario 2:

PL throws a Spirit Lance and no illusions are formed.


The dummy units cannot cast their spells on untargettable units. In this case, I selected Obsidian Destroyer after PL in -noherolimit mode and told it to cast Astral Imprisonment on itself just before PL casts Spirit Lance. The dummy unit tries to cast Wand of Illusion, but since it cannot find the hero, no illusion can be formed. OD is one of many heroes who can accomplish this. Puck with Phase Shift, Panda with his ulti, even Cycloning a unit will render it impossible to target with Wand of Illusion.

30. by spicysashami

Contrary to popular belief, Truestrike from MKB stacks with other criticals on ranged heroes. You will not see the red critical numbers, but you still benefit from them. Though this only occurs when you acquire Truestrike after another source of Critical Strike..

I hope you liked it. πŸ™‚

Special Thanks:

DISCLAIMER: Rights to reproduce content have been taken before posting this from dota-allstars.com. If you want to publish the content kindly do the same. I do not hold any rights to give permission regarding content in this post.

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