Fun names of 6.63… I’m the Juggernaut Bitch!

Posted: September 21, 2009 in antiweltteilchen, Gossips, Icefrog
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DotA Secrets FeedOkay, do you remember Icefrog included in 6.63’s changelog “* Added a lot more fun names (5464)”. You know which names were these?

If not, here’s the list of fun names… [list originally made by antiweltteilchen]

Admiral: Kunkka, CoCo
Tauren Chieftain: Kaz Stonebul,Cairne Bloodhoof
Dragon Knight: Trogdor
Axe: Mogul Kahnt Touch This
Lifestealer: Gollum
Juggernaut: I’m the juggernaut bitch!
Faceless Void: Gorzerk
Lightning Revenant: Gillette
Ursa Warrior: Fuzzy Wuzzy
Bone Fletcher: Clinkz Eastwood
Nerubian Assassin: A’noob Arak
Enchantress: Bambi
Faerie Dragon: Kupu-Kupu
Holy Knight: Jackie Chen, Chechen
Keeper of the Light: Gandalf
Invoker: Kal-El

Note that these are just the ‘fun’ names’ that were included in 6.63. Some of them were already present in the previous version and some of the them will continue to appear in future versions. [Sadly, Icefrog has removed many of these already in 6.63b including “I’m the Juggernaut Bitch!”

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  1. Hideki says:

    Sakto kay bamba yung bambi.Hahah.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Sorry, I didn’t get you. English Language please. 🙂

  3. dota_lord says:

    Loved it!

  4. lao says:

    Invoker shoud be Elvis Presley

  5. Phoenix says:

    Will check n add…

  6. […] Re: Fun Names? Didn't read the thread. Just this Fun names of 6.63… I’m the Juggernaut Bitch! DotA Secrets […]

  7. sajdhf says:

    tuskar is bitch

  8. Phoenix says:

    Agreed 😀

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