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Posted: September 20, 2009 in Replays

Download_Icon.pngDon’t worry, I won’t be posting more replays on this blog. I’ll come up with some plan to publish them somewhere else where you can download premium replays. But for the time being, here’s the first replay I’ll recommend of.

Now this is the replay of a thrilling match between Razer.CGC and CURRAX. Both the teams played very good but the heroes to focus on are ‘Dark Seer‘ and ‘Abbadon‘. Truly amazing gameplay. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Game Details

Game Version: 1.24b
Map Version: 6.62b
Download Link [550 kb approx.]

Sentinel (Currax)

Earthshaker – Mirana – Viper – Rylai – Bristleback

Scourge (Razer.CGC)

Abbadon – Puck – Kunkka – Vengeful – Dark Seer

Watching league replays is one way to improve your skills, so don’t miss out this one! Also, you can attach these replays into your hero guides.

Do comment on the replay and also if I should continue posting these. 😛

PLZ TELL IF I SHOULD CONTINUE TO POST PREMIUM REPLAYS ON THIS BLOG ITSELF. Else I’m planning to make a new blog for download section.

  1. justincarl says:

    tagalog dota how to download

  2. Phoenix says:

    Hey Justin. Sorry but I didn’t get your problem. Can you be a little more explicit? 🙂

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