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DotA Secrets FeedHello Dotaters, 😛

I’ve prepared a compilation of the best hero strategy guides available on the internet. I have included a link to every guide I read/reviewed, and rated the best guide out of them all. These guides might be from any website/blog on the web.

The heroes have been arranged in alphabetical order according to their name. If you’re can’t find a hero, kindly use the Search Feature (“Ctrl+F”) of your Internet Browser.

Please check the first comment for last update details. 🙂

If you want to get your guide reviewed and listed here just add a link to your guide in the comment section. Note that the comment would not be instantly approved as comment with links are considered spam by wordpress. To keep updated with the new guides, Follow me on Twitter. You can also quote someone else’s guide that you found good. Thanks for the help. 🙂


Criteria of evaluating a guide:

– Guide updates i.e. “KEEP THINGS FRESH”.
– Understandability of the guide i.e. it should be easy to understand for beginners also.
– Keep things short… just include the ‘guide’ part into the guide and hyperlink to the various ‘mechanics’ parts whenever something needs an explanation.
– Gives various techniques of gameplay i.e. ganking, getting out of sticky situations, etc.
– Quality of Videos/Replays attached.

Bold Links indicate BEST strategy guides, Normal Links indicate other strategy guides. Do not link goodness of a strategy guide with it’s order in the links!

Abaddon – The Lord of Avernus

-> Frostmourne Hungers! by Vindicate @

-> Let me Shield you! by Ivanns @

-> Abaddon…need I say more?? posted by faceless_void @

-> How to Abaddon by Skyforger @

Aggron Stonebreaker – The Ogre Magi

-> I’m with stupid, me too! by SuperSheep @

-> Complete Builds/Strategies by Parrothead @

-> An Intelligent Ogre.. posted by nidoking @

Aiustha – The Enchantress

No guide worth the BEST tag.

-> 650 Impetus Hits Incoming by Bergson @

Akasha – The Queen of Pain

-> Die Smiling! by FunnyWarfare @

-> The Queen of Ownage posted by madman007 @ – good

-> Here comes the Pain- Darklord`s Guide to an agressive Akasha posted by DarkLord_sr @ – good

Alleria – The Windrunner

-> Alleria – Windrunner posted by ArecxP @

-> Let the Adrenaline Rush! byFlam3 @

-> One Shot, One Kill! by Aca29 @

-> Embrace Focus Fire by Spyckie @

Anu’barak – The Nerubian Assassin

-> The Nerubian Assassin by Shortpigg @

-> Mushiking-NA bysilentzero @

-> Orochi`s Anub`arak posted by Orochi @

-> Chinky! by RNA|Axe-effect @

Anub’seran – The Nerubian Weaver

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> An early game guide to weaver by lululoo @

-> I’m Invisible, Literally by danielpro25 @

Atropos – The Bane Elemental

-> Steve-O’s Purple Punk posted by Steve-O at

-> Ima grip n sap by 8460 at

Aurel Vlaicu – The Gyrocopter

-> Death from above by Alexalex303 @

-> Comic Guide for Gyrocopter by Nikmar-official @

Azgalor – The Pit Lord

-> Get Ready for the Brim Stone by Maya @

-> Kakee’s Pit Lord 360 posted by KAKEE @

-> Coco616’s Triple Circles of Death COMPLETELY REMASTERED posted by coco616 @

Azwraith – The Phantom Lancer

-> Me me me… me too by Juddernaught @

-> Images of Imminent Chaos by swordofhonour01 @

-> The con-size Phantom Lancer by nix @

-> The Master of Illusion(s) posted by Wishmaster @

Balanar – The Night Stalker

-> Roamer in the Night by FunnyWarfare @

-> Go Go Michael Jackson – By Flodian posted by Flodian @

-> Bringing the best out of Balanar by Doom Scythe @

Barathrum – The Spiritbreaker

-> This ain’t no Milk Cow! by DaMan2000 @

-> Hoof to the Head! by Floodturka @

-> Break more than just spirits posted by The Lawyer™ @

Banehallow – The Lycanthrope

No guide worth the best tag

-> One man team, Necro Lycan by Zan @

-> Comprehensive guide to Lycanthrope by zaphodbrx99 @

-> Super-wolf!! posted by Kiettana @

Bone Clinkz – The Bone Fletcher

-> Bone Clinkz || A new look at an old Hero posted by Cyber Bunny at

-> Guide for Bone Fletcher by mrmemories @

-> Finaly a use for him again by Krix @

-> Bone Clinkz, The Bone Fletcher. posted by BibleBash at

Boush – The Tinker

-> The Perfect Hero, Boush Tinker by rjay01 @

-> How to be a Global Threat by gothir @

-> AI Build Boush posted by nidoking @

Black Ara’chnia

-> I-Win Button – Shimrra_3’s guide to Broodmother posted by Shimrra_3 @

-> The Blitzkrieg Approach by Zan @

Bradwarden – The Centaur Warchief

-> I’ll STOMP You by Miklotov @

-> Bradwarden – Centaur Warchief posted by Counter_Force[X] @

Chen – The Holy Knight

-> Guide to Chen by Killing you Softly @

-> Victory or Death by fremdlaender @

-> Fear The Holy Knight posted by Crash and Burn @

Crixalis – The Sand King

-> Competitive Guide for Sand King by DarkMedina @

-> Weapons of Mass Destruction posted by KingV @

-> Please don’t hurt me no more! by P4o3n1x @

Daelin Proudmoore – The Admiral

-> Admiral Proudmore – Captian Obvious by ArecxP on

-> X Marks GG by kotsukamoto @

-> Across the Seven Seas by Kaiser Leon @

-> Kunkka is Diesel by BigTechno at

Darchrow – The Enigma

-> The Art of Sucking by CyberTech @

-> Guide to Enigma by Vindicate  @

-> Drawing my enemies closer to destruction! by Greater Bash @

Dark Terror – The Faceless Void

-> Darkterror the Faceless Void by nekdolan @

-> The Complete Guide of Void! by evil andrex on

-> Faceless Void Guide by Xellos @

Dazzle – The Shadow Priest

-> Stay Cool in Dota by sibu.soren @

-> Bringing Physical DPS back by Zirath @

-> Dazzle Your Enemies posted by Tooolbox @

Demnok Lannik – The Warlock

-> Infernals! by fodminah @

-> Demnok’s guide to Chaos by @

-> Rain of Chaos by The_Juggernaut @

Dirge – The Undying

-> The Right Way by pipser @

-> The Almighty Dirge by Valasty @

-> An in-depth Guide for Dirge by Wuschel @

Eredar – The Shadow Demon

-> Let Life Cease by Complexihax @

Ezalor – The Keeper of the Light

-> Guide to Ezalor by Dark Rogue @

-> The Light will blind them by Dysania- @

-> Keeper of the Mana- A shoulder to lean on posted by migrees @

Furion – The Prophet

-> Nature or Nurture? by Ingolf @

-> A hero with emotions! by Emo_Rules @

-> None shall harm the wild! by Rassler @

Gondar – The Bounty Hunter

-> Learn one of DotA’s best Ganker by Mittsies at

Harbinger – The Obsidian Destroyer

-> The weak minded shall perish by Archangel– @

-> Harbinger of Death posted by tarheelfan83 @

Huskar – The Sacred Warrior

-> Laughing in the Face of Death by DemonicTrashcan @

-> Say Hello to my Little Friend by CyberTech @

-> gonz22’s Huskar guide posted by gonz22 @

Io – The Guardian Wisp

-> Io in Organized Games by Xenim666 @

Ish’kafel – The Dark Seer

->The next best Pubstomper by Zan @

Jah’rakal – The Troll Warlord

-> Pussies not Allowed by Corsair July @

Jakiro – The Twin Head Dragon

-> Coughing Fire, Sneezing Ice by KevinMaster @

-> Steve-O`s 4 Eyed Killing Machine posted by Steve-O @

Jin’zakk – The Batrider

-> Stop.Drop.Roll by Keybi @

-> Insanity on Fire by fremdlaender’s @

Kael – The Invoker

-> The Omnimage by Esryok @ – Very lengthy

-> The Fury of the Elements by Nightguest @

-> Elemental Fury – A guide to playing The Invoker posted by Amplirage@

Kaldr – The Ancient Apparition

No guide worth the Best tag

-> The Iceman Cometh by Monopolyy @

-> Stone Cold by Darkjr @

-> Chill Man by DotaNoob{Z} @

Kardel Sharpeye – The Dwarwen Sniper

-> I shot the Sheriff by Piejonk @

-> MATH is power posted by BootLeg @

-> Unlimited Assassinate posted by nastykosh @

Kel’Thuzad – The Lich

-> The Lich by Suizida @

-> The Art of playing Kel’Thuzad by Joezoo @

-> Without a trace of Warmth by BlackRain @

King Leoric – The Skeleton King

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> Epic Return by CrimsonQueso @

-> Leoric Versus the World by Shimrra_3 posted by Shimrra_3 @

-> Damage Reduction Skeleton King posted by ProShowEnt @

Knight Davion – The Dragon Knight

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> To Protect and Serve by Ayekee @

-> Go Go Dragon Ranger- By Flodian posted by Flodian @

-> Written by Beast-Pete by Beast Pete @

Krobelus – The Death Prophet

-> Let my cries chill the living! by Piejonk @

-> Staple’s Guide To Krobelus – Death Prophet posted by staple @

Lanaya – The Templar Assassin

-> Super Psionic Lanaya!! posted by LoLnage @

-> The Solo Mid Guide by ChaosArchangel @

-> I am The Iron Hand Of Justice posted by msbrightside @

Lesale Deathbringer – The Venomancer

No Guide worth the BEST tag

-> Do you like Poison? by Burninglegion @

-> The Power of Poison posted by madman007 @

Leshrac – The Tormented Soul

-> A Walking Volcano – Leshrac posted by ic4three778 @

-> Leshrac n’ Roll by MosterFEED @

Leviathan – The Tidehunter

-> Learn the ways of the depths by Piejonk @

-> Leviathan by Felix @

-> Tides of war – Behemoth of the seas posted by karuma @

Lina Inverse – The Slayer

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> Click Me Baby, One More Time posted by folechno @

-> The Fire Scarlet by Kaiser Leon @

-> Lina for new players posted by McGuaoMan @

Lion – The Demon Witch

-> Competitive Guide for Demon With by Darkmedina @

-> A comprehensive Guide by Wry. @

-> Imma chargin mah lazor by SilentZero @

Lucifer – The Doom Bringer

-> Bring Hell to Them by folechno @

-> Countered by Complexihax @

-> Competitive Guide for Doom Bringer by DarkMedina @

Luna Moonfang – The Moon Rider

-> The Hot Chick that Rides! by Eturn @

Magina – The Anti Mage

None of the strategies is worth the BEST tag

-> The Blind Guy that can see with his Mind by Shankapotamus @

-> Dissipitate it all by GhostofGuns @

-> Crazy Magina Guide? by DotaNoob{Z} @

-> Twin Blades Of Death posted by madman007 at

Magnus – The Magnataur

-> The Master of Teamrape! by FunnyWarfare @

-> The Solo Hero by rjay01 @

-> Magnus the Super Cleaver by evil andrex @

-> [Magnataur] Cleaving the Way to Victory posted by yukino_silvermaine @

Mangix – The Pandaren Brewmaster

-> Go go Awesome warrior of Awesomeness by Flodian @

-> Ale is my bear necessity by Mangix @

-> Pandas! by Burninglegion @

Medusa – The Gorgon

-> Instilling Paralyzing Fear by Dr.Goebbels @

-> Not your typical Mermaid by snoogens @

-> The Other Naga by BlowThaCandlesOut @

Meepo – The Geomancer

-> Unlocking Meepo’s Potential by neversaynever @

-> All about Geomancer(s) posted by DarkSider @

-> Mini Guide for Geomancer by DarkMedina @

Mercurial – The Spectre

-> Maximize you Illusions! by Cp6uja_ @

-> Being Scary has never been this scary by carnage07 @

-> Mercurial the Devastating Spectre posted by Charlotte @

Mirana Nightshade – The Priestess of the Moon

-> Coco616’s guide to The Priestess of the Moon. posted by coco616 @

-> A Thoughtout guide about PotM by Tanlatos @

-> Priestess of the Moon by ArexP @

-> Arrows from the Shadows posted by madman007 @

-> A competitive guide to Mirana by Corsair @

Mogul Kahn – The Axe

-> Focus all your hatred on me! – Greater Bash’s beloved Axe posted by Greater Bash @

-> The Bearded Menace by Zotmaster @

-> Boom Boom Pawned! by mohjoy123 @

-> Effective way to play Axe by Valasty @

Morphling – The Morphling

No guide worth the best tag!

-> Try Stopping This River – Morphling the Magnus Opus posted by GeminiDreams @

-> It’s Morphin’ Time! posted by yukino_silvermaine @

-> Competitive Guide to Morphling by Zeith @

Mortred – The Phantom Assassin

-> Go Go Spontaneous Black Dot – By Flodian posted by Flodian @

-> A dagger, a blink, a boom by GhostofGuns @

-> Ash valla Maybe by gd1 @

Nai’x – The Lifestealer

-> Grabbed by the Ghoulies by Ghost @

-> Me Eat Fat People by Acechilling @

-> Destroy and Survive with N’aix the Lifestealer, by Reaper666 posted by Reaper666 @

Nessaj – The Chaos Knight

-> Community Guide to Nessaj by Val @

-> 4 Faced Knight by Ic4three posted by ic4three778

Nevermore – The Shadow Fiend

-> Nevermore – quale’s Unleash The Power posted by quale @

-> The Soul within me by MyLoveIsYueru @

Nortrom – The Silencer

-> Forever… Silenced by ScarPe @

-> Nortrom -The Glaive thrower posted by fwii~ @

-> A Guide For Both ’em’ And Competitive Games posted by hemlock. @

Puck – The Faerie Dragon

-> Puck you Pals by Rmndk @

-> Phase Shift Hax! by Noobish-Noob @

-> The Imagination Within – shazzam66’s Puck posted by shazzam66 @

-> Unleash the Barbie Dragon’s Rage by HyrkanianBlade @

Pudge – The Butcher

-> The legend returns by Bengal_Tigger @

-> Ten Steps to a Nasty Pudge by Dhibbs15 @

-> Ahh! Fresh Meat! posted by PenguPenguin @

Pugna – The Oblivion

-> Netherward will zap yo’ ass by Tones_ @

-> Pugna- Sending you to the Oblivion posted by Dark_3 @

-> Pugna: the underdog posted by bucci @

Purist Thunderwrath – The Omniknight

-> I stand for the light by reyrey629 @

-> Purist Thunderwrath: Omniknight posted by Transfat

-> Purist Thunderwrath: Knight of the Silver Hand posted by Vatiz

Raigor Stonehoof – The Earthshaker

-> Guide to Ownage by AduhAwas_EvilG @

-> Guide to Roaming Earthshaker by quale @

-> You Don’t Wanna Mess With This Bull!!! by 12russellp @

Raijin Thunderkeg – The Storm Spirit

-> The Era of Bloodstone is over! by ArtiQ @

-> Community Guide posted by Swiftkick @

-> BZZZZZTT!!! Unkn0wn’s guide to Raijin Thunderkeg ^_^ posted by Unkn0wn @

Rattletrap – The Clockwerk Goblin

-> I Laugh in the face of danger by Syaska

> How to Rattle your Opponents by ophelia33 @

-> Learn to play Clockwerk in 15 mins by Zan @

-> Necrowerks Inc – User Guide to your Clockwerk Goblin posted by Ghost @

Razor – The Lightning Revenant

-> Not everybody truly dies! by neversaynever @

-> The restless dead awaits by teStud0 @

-> The Lightning Shivanant! by feral_nature @

Razzil Darkbrew – The Alchemist

-> Bottle fame, brew glory – Alchemist by thoby123 at

-> Greedy Goblin by Wolfos @

-> Alchemist Razzil guide posted by blank_blank at

Rexxar – The Beastmaster

-> The Beasts Obey Me! by Ramomar at

-> Maximus.` Legendary Beastmaster. posted by Maximus at

Rhasta – The Shadow Shaman

-> Wards’ up? by GhostofGuns @

-> The Shadow Shaman by Counter_Force[X] @

-> Guide to Rhasta by Shankapotamus @

Rigwarl – The Bristleback

-> Rigwarl – quale’s Snort And Grunt posted by quale at

-> Guide for the Double B by BlackRain @

-> The Quillboar by tormodpwns at

Rikimaru – The Stealth Assassin

-> Rikimaru – Stealth Assassin posted by Counter_Force[X] @

-> I’m watching your back by phantom146 @

-> A Straightforward Guide to Rikimaru by ROSHANPAI @

Rooftrellen – The Treant Protector

-> The Unkillable Treant Protector by Valasty @

-> Go Go Father Nature- By Flodian posted by Flodian @

-> In depth guide to the mighty tree! by Burninglegion @

-> The hero called TP by snoogens @

Rotund-jere – The Necrolyte

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> An in-depth guide to Necrolyte by Kenneth @

-> A concise guide by DeathMusician @

Rylai Crestfall – The Crystal Maiden

-> CM for newbies & advanced players by n!ght @

-> CM in Organized Games by -3d @

Shendelzare Silkwood – The Vengeful Spirit

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> The Aggresive Support by clickrush @

-> The Roaming Venge by STR1DER @

-> Shendelzare Silkwood’s Vengeful Strike posted by Dark_3 @

-> Vengeful The Swapper Killer posted by _noob28_ @

Slardar – The Slithereen Guard

-> I’ll start with the Swimming Pools by EcceLex @

-> By Ebb & Flow by android_245

-> Guide to Mighty Snake! by Abhijit @

-> Guide to Slardar by Fishuman @

Slark – The Murloc Nightcrawler

-> The Paper Jaws by IAmTheSpoon @

-> Smoky by Crowley @

-> The Mist – M. Nightcrawler by ReunitePangea @

Slithice  – The Naga Siren

No guide worth the BEST tag!

-> Battle Sisters by ScarPe @

-> blooo’s guide to Slithice the Queen of the Nagas posted by blooo

-> Slythice the Menace posted by Lamperouge

Squee Spleen & Spoon – The Goblin Techies

-> Chauve’s guide to Goblin Techies by chauvechito @

-> Techies viable at last by 3.2_Sky_Dive @

-> Good Night Boom by neversaynever @

-> SUPER TECHIES!! posted by Shimrra_3 @

Strygwyr – The Bloodseeker

No strategy worth the BEST tag

-> So Thirsty by FunnyWarfare @

-> How much do you seek for blood? posted by noobseeker at

-> Hero Hunting Time posted by kayu at

Sven – The Rogue Knight

-> Sven is here to pump you up! by no.limit @

-> Sven, the Rogue Knight posted by sfsy1 @

-> DrifterZ’s Sven by DrifterZ @

Syllabear – The Lone Druid

-> Guide to Syllabear + Jungle Strategy by mitochy @

-> Syllabear 2 heroes in 1 posted by fwii~ @

Taur Thunderhorn – The Tauren Chieftain

No Guide worth the BEST tag

-> Cows go Moo! by Tuvalu @

-> Complete Guide to Cairne by MiranaPotM @

-> MadCow Disease by cytrikz @

Terrorblade – The Soul Keeper

-> The Soul Keeper – Terrorblade posted by Counter_Force[X] @

-> I won’t be ignored by MentalMastermind @

Tiny – The Stone Giant

-> Growl by doppelpils @

-> See him, Run away XD by Sagardota @

-> Rocking! by Zephirdd (Playdota Community) @

Thrall – The Far Seer

-> I will lead them to their destiny by MilkyBoi @

-> I am the Warchief by Nikmar-official @

Traxex – The Drow Ranger

No guide worth the BEST tag

-> Just Traxex posted by ced003 @

-> The Hot Chick with Cold Blood by dare18 @

-> May my aim be true! by Kenshiro @

Ulfsaar – The Ursa Warrior

No guide worth the BEST tag!

-> Brother Bear, Ursa by Zan @

-> Bloody Ursa by Elune @

-> Roshan’s Nightmare posted by Pocy @

-> Unleash the Rage! A Guide by DaMan2000 posted by DaMan2000 @

Viper – The Netherdrake

-> Dodge Viper by gwho @

-> Tank/gank Viper by BlankShot @

Visage – The Necro’lic

No Guide worth the best tag!

-> Go for V-Sage Pwnage by Chaos_Throme @

-> The Moving Fathership by ARGleth @

-> Visage- Chill n’ Go posted by bobbob247 @

Vol’jin – The Witch Doctor

-> I hear the summons by The_Juggernaut @

-> Steve-O`s Favorite Doctor posted by Steve-O @

-> The Godlike Guide for Vol’jin posted by Valasty @

Yurnero – The Juggernaut

-> Guerilla Warfare posted by KingV @

-> Poetry in motion by iKrivetko @

-> Yurnero-King of Blades posted by Amplirage @

-> Look into the Light by Lordsam247 @

-> Yurnero the Juggernaut by Chameleon12 @

Zeus – The Lord of Olympia

-> Zeus – quale’s Striking Tempest posted by quale @ – long and detailed

-> Shocking! by Merlini @ – short and sweet.

Will continue…

  1. Phoenix says:

    Currently I’ve reviewed guides from only three websites –, and If there is some other website where people write quality guides, do tell me.

    Changelog(September 29, 2010)

    Fresh New Guides

    1. Tidehunter (New Best)
    2. Nightcrawler
    3. Lion
    4. Nerubian Assassin x 2
    5. Visage
    6. Spectre (New Best)
    7. Sven
    8. Doom Bringer (New Best)
    9. Medusa
    10. Twin Head Dragon
    11. Slardar (New Best)
    12. Nai’x (New Best)
    13. Clockwerk (New Best)
    14. Far Seer x 2
    15. Guardian Wisp
    16. Gyrocopter x 2
    17. Tiny
    18. Enigma (New Best)
    19. Huskar

    Deleted Guides

    1. Tidehunter x 2
    2. Earthshaker
    3. Visage
    4. Doom Bringer
    5. Slardar
    6. Clockwerk
    7. Tiny

  2. Skavi says:

    I see you have taken guides from all over the net. Why not start a community for dotasecrets? Guide making could also be done and discussed more easily in a forum.


  3. Phoenix says:

    I started a dummy forum (see ) earlier and people did sign up for the forum but… most never posted! I mean most people like to read the stuff and carry on! You see, this blog has a great readership but comments, that’s the tough part, comments are 1-2 per day! Maybe, there’s something with my posts that I don’t provoke readers to interact. Anyways, I love my readers whether they comment or not and most of all I LOVE DOTA! So it’s like I’ll blog on DotA till eternity. (well that went a little too far, or maybe much toooo far 😛 )

  4. Skavi says:

    Hmm.. Maybe a website or a forum or a blog that has more useful information and recourses, then it will be acknowledged by users around the net. So, I guess the “eternal blogging” will pay off eventually when people will realize your efforts and others’ efforts. (By the way, I am registering on the site and I will take a look around)


  5. CF[X] says:

    nice compilation, you should make a thread on DS and i will help you petite so it gets stickied. however, some of those you mention as the best tag are not worth it, including my brad guide(sigh). you shouldn’t care to “please” some people, this is your site, you make the law. guides that deserved top should be of great quality in contents, and not cosmetic

    kudos for the efforts

  6. Phoenix says:

    Seriously dude, I never ever meant to please anybody. Your guides are worth the rating! And frankly speaking, I did write “No guide worth BEST” against Bradwarden once but on second thought, I approved it to be the best coz you just focused on the right part. Dagger’s the best thing Brad can use and initiating is what you focused on.
    Besides, your guide is the BEST coz others are not so good. 😛

    Speaking of DS, I dunno… you already pointed out that I can make my own rules here but writing on DS will make a strong community… will decide upon this later.

    And I could really use some pro suggestions on which guides are not really that great. o.O [but don’t expect me to follow every suggestion]

    n Thanks for the extolment. 🙂

  7. dare18 says:

    Good job man….im joining your site too…let’s see what we can do

  8. Phoenix says:

    Heheh! 🙂
    Thnx dude. I wonder what’s going in your mind…

  9. jeezuz says:

    thx a lot for this work man

  10. Rmndk™ says:

    Basicly, This site only for Playdota Guides since what i see just a bunch of Playdota Guides

  11. Phoenix says:

    It so happens that PlayDota guides are the most updated among all other sites. And if you check out, I’ve probably listed more guides from than from, it’s just that many of them are outdated… now you don’t want to learn the ‘old’ storm spirit, do you???
    If you’ve some good guide in mind which you didn’t find here, please give me the link and I shall review it.

  12. ronnie4u says:

    Totally AWESOME!

  13. randon87 says:

    Nice work on compiling these guides…very helpful!

  14. DraderJC says:

    theres a new invoker guide on playdota thats ridiculusly long and detailed. the author says he hasnt finished, but it looks good enough imo

  15. Phoenix says:

    The guide’s huuuge, will eat at least an hour or so! 😦
    But anyways, thanks for telling 🙂 I’ll be updating the complete list of guides this week probably, so keep checking. 😀

  16. Phoenix says:

    Some college work popped up and now I’ll be busy for more than a week. Expect an update to this only after Christmas. 😦

  17. Phoenix says:

    5 guides I read there were all copies from and I take it for granted the rest were too. Thanks for the info but I want genuine guides.

  18. Art Of War says:

    Your best piece of work ever! 😀

  19. quale says:

    hi phoenix! i can’t help to notice that the Roaming Earthshaker guide has a wrong link. hahaha! anyway, you may need to add some new, good and updated guides such as rjay’s Magnus guide. more power to your blog!

  20. Phoenix says:

    Thanks quale. I dunno why I never noticed it before. Anyways, I’m still to review the new guides and will add them soon. 🙂

  21. SURUBS says:

    nice work. one observation: techies, “Goblin Techies, links are fixed by 1Mangoo @” leads nowhere. Sorry for my english, writing from Ecuador. Keep writing plz!

  22. Discoking says:

    Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

  23. Phoenix says:

    thnx dude. 🙂

  24. Gamergeek13 says:

    Thank you so much for these guides, please keep them updated! 😀

  25. Phoenix says:

    I am trying my best. 🙂

  26. DraderJC says:

    the omnimage invoker guide’s been rewritten, apparantly to be competitive

  27. Phoenix says:

    Okay. Thnx for telling. Will check in a few days. 🙂

  28. DarKAvengeR says:

    Link To Guide (TB) :

    The Above guide is mine.Please rate it.BTW are you Indian???

  29. Phoenix says:

    Okay, I will rate and add to my list in a few days. Currently I’m quite busy. And yes, I’m an Indian. 🙂

  30. DarKAvengeR says:

    Phoenix :

    Okay, I will rate and add to my list in a few days. Currently I’m quite busy. And yes, I’m an Indian.

    Nice! I am too.
    That make 2 of you (You and Adhuawas ) from the same sub continent.Do you still reside in India or have gone abroad =) ??

  31. Phoenix says:

    Random Chats on my Playdota profile. 🙂

  32. Gamergeek13 says:

    correct link to The Hot Chick That Rides!

  33. Phoenix says:

    Done. Thanks. 🙂

  34. DarKAvengeR says:

    Thanks for adding my guide too!!!!

  35. Phoenix says:

    It can still be improved, keep working on it. Also, good luck with the replay posting and 3.14159 😀

  36. DemonSpade says:


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  38. Phoenix says:

    Thank you for reporting the guide karretsos. I’ll read it as soon as possible and add it in the list. 🙂

    EDIT: Ah oh! I’ve read this guide a long time back already… added it as one of the best guides but some time later people reported it to be a broken link and when I checked the guide was gone o.O Not sure of the reason but it was probably due to the author (ikrivetko) removing the guide temporarily. Anyways, adding the guide now. Again, thanks for the report.

  39. iKrivetko says:

    It wasn’t deleted, probably it was moved from drafts to publshed guides.
    Thank you for the attention.:D
    BTW, I Shot The Sheriff is a collaborative guide (Piejonk, me and FunnyWarfare)

  40. Jake says:

    Great new guide on for slarder…seems to have everything necessary to denote a best guide tag

  41. Phoenix says:

    Will check but in the next update… at least a month or so. 😐 Thanks for reporting though. 😀

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  47. Phoenix says:

    I’ll try to catch up on that. Thanks for the update. 🙂

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    Thanks for the appreciation. Btw, guests are only allowed to post comments here. 😛 🙂

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    I saw a more recent Windrunner guide that you might want to check out. Doesn’t have a lot of videos, but the guy seems to have a grasp on the hero.

  59. Phoenix says:

    Thanks for the link there Herp. I can’t be sure but I’ll update the whole thing this weekend. 🙂

  60. Phoenix says:

    Sorry but I was unable to find time to update the post. I’ll try to do it this weekend. 😐

  61. Phoenix says:

    Hi Herp. I guess I won’t be updating this post anytime soon. Currently I play very less dota and I’ve become more busy with the job n stuff. 😐


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  69. Craig Scwartz says:

    Any chance we can get your opinion on a best Tuskarr guide?

  70. Phoenix says:

    Hi Craig,

    Right now I can find only two guides decent enough for reading:

    None of these two are worth calling the ‘best’. I would rather recommend you to find out how exactly all skills of Tuskarr work and try out different item builds in game to find out which one suits you the best.

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