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Posted: September 3, 2009 in Ghost Scepter
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Ghost Scepter

Gives: +7 to all attributes, Ghost Form (Active)

Ghost Form

Makes you unable to attack or be attacked, but take 44% extra damage from spells.

Ends if you become magic immune and will have no effect if you are already magic immune.

Lasts  4 secs and has a 25 secs cooldown.

Updated for 6.63b

Advanced Mechanics of Ghost Form:

It dispels all physical buffs including net (i.e. naga siren’s ensnare), corrosive attack + other buff placers and also the poison nova debuff! (don’t use it before, but after you’ve been affected by it).

Due to hardcoded limitations/gameplay constants you’re not affected by fan of knives based skills namely echo slam, scream of pain, heat seeking missiles, spawn spiderlings and bladefury.

However, there are other spells which look like fan of knives or are even based on them but the damage is triggered, like death pulse or quill spray from bristleback. Of these, the ones which deal magical damage like death pulse damage ethereal units while physical damage dealing skills like quill spray do not.

Here’s the complete list of spells whose damage can be evaded by using Ghost Form:

Mortred – all her spells except stifling dagger
Juggernaut – all his spells
Tinker – Heat Seeking Missiles
Leshrac – diabolic edict
Queen of Pain – scream of pain
Dirge – soul rip
Meepo – earthbind
Pit Lord – Pit of Malice
Pudge – Hook
Nerubian Assassin – Vendetta
Brood – Spawn Spiderlings
Techies – land mines/suicide
Earth Shaker – Echo Slam
Naga Siren – Ensnare
Morphling – adaptive strike
Bristle back – Quill Spray
Beast – Wild axes
Alchemist – Acid Spray
Syllabear – Damage on death of Spiritbear
Sniper – Sharpnel
Dazzle – Shadow Wave
Slardar – Slithereen Crush
Axe – Counter Helix
Axe – KILLING BLOW of Culling Blade (i.e. negates the 10000000 physical damage if your hp is less than 300/450/600 however, the magical damage is dealt amplified)

Will be dispelled if teleporting.

A unit in Ghost Form can can’t be attacked by manual casting on it, but an ethereal unit itself can manually use these arrow affects.

Units in the etheral state can’t be attacked by any unit as long as it doesn’t have a magic attack type (e.g. Pugna’s second attack index… don’t worry if you don’t get what’s written. Most attacks don’t work) and can’t attack itself. Desolator, Sange & Yasha,Sange, Maelstorm and Mjollnir enable Pugna’s 2nd attack index which makes him able to attack and damage ethereal units.

Some Random Tips

Techies cannot suicide when he activates ghost form.

Ghost Scepter triggers Harbinger’s Essence Aura. Combine that with 25sec cooldown and 0 mana cost and you may use this item to gain mana.

Ghost Form/Decrepify amplifies only magic damage. Mixed damage doesn’t damage ethereal units because of physical damage type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Ghost Form vs Hood: What is the exact magic damage percentage that a hero in ghost form takes? What’s the value if he has a hood?

A. For a hero with no extra resistance, he will receive [1.44 x ( 1 – 0.25) = 1.08] 8% extra damage of the written value. For a hero with hood, he will receive [1.44 x (1-0.25) x (1-0.3) = 0.756] 75.6% of the damage value.

Q. Ghost Form vs Life Drain: Can I increase the amount of heal through Life Drain (Pugna) if in Ghost Form?

A. No. Life Drain heal depends on the amount of damage the target takes. So being in Ghost Form yourself won’t increase the heal.

Q. Ghost Form vs Decrepify: Does the damage output increase if they both are used on the same target?

A. No. The target will receive damage amplified from one only… 44% amplification.

Q. Ghost Scepter vs BladeMail: What happens when I activate both simultaneously?

A. You won’t receive neither return physical damage while you will receive as well as return amplified magical damage.

Q. Ghost Scepter vs Berserker’s Call: What happens if I’m Axe and I ‘call’ when in Ghost Form? What happens if I’m in Ghost Form and ‘called’ by Axe?

A. Simply said, ghost form and berserker’s call do not stack.
When you’re Axe and call in Ghost Form, units won’t attack you so you won’t trigger helix.
When you’re ‘called’ by axe when in ghost form, you would try to but won’t be able to attack Axe. This also means you won’t trigger helix.

Mechanic Nerds Section

Ghost Form (A1AC)
Based on Fan of Knives (dummy).

When it goes into effect and the casting unit is not magic immune, do (1).

(1) Save the casting unit as “Source”. Add the ability Ethereal [Aetl] to “Source” and make the ability unavailable (so the icon is not shown). Then create a periodic trigger (2) to be called every 0.1 seconds or when “Source” dies.

(2) Recover “Source” from the game cache. If the trigger has been called more than 40 times or it’s been called because “Source” has died or “Source” is magic immune or “Teleporting” is true for “Source”, then remove the [Aetl] ability from “Source” and destroy this trigger.

Notes: the trigger considers the unit magic immune if the unit has either of the folowing abilities: [A0S6] (Spell Immunity from BKB), [ACmi] (Spell Immunity – Neutral Hostile), [A0SU] (Spell Immunity from Rage), [B014] (Repel debuff) or “BladeFury” active.
“Source” loses the Ethereal form when he starts teleporting by Scroll of Town Portal or Boots of Travel.


antiweltteilchen as always \o/
3DM@rk for the Trigger Description

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September 14th: Added Culling Blade to list of evaded spells.

  1. I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read.. 🙂


  2. Phoenix says:

    Thanks for the appreciation. I’m really happy you did make a quick comment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. coappesseffig says:


  4. pandarensplit says:

    I tried to use it against purification. and it failed. I don’t know why. I thought ghost scepter allows only magical damage not magical and pure.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Well, purification damage is not amplified but it does deal the precise pure damage it deals normally. Earlier purification did not deal damage to units in Ghost Form but this has been changed now. Spells namely Purification, Stifling Dagger, Brain Sap and Test of Faith now damage units in Ghost Form. [Note that all four are pure damage skills and their damage will not be amplified]

    This means the list I posted is outdated and needs an update. Working on updating the guide… Thanks for the wake up call!

  6. pandarensplit says:

    does ghost scepter work against orbwalk skills (glaives of wisdom, impetus, arcane orb) which deals pure damage? -sorry for bad grammar. I didn’t completely advanced my english 🙂

  7. Phoenix says:

    Yes, you are right.
    They will not be able to attack a unit in Ghost Form. (even if orb walking)

  8. fshasina says:

    useful imo

  9. KannaAce says:

    good good good stuff

  10. Burak says:

    Tip from me.

    If there is slark become invis and coming towards you, you can activate ghost when he jumps and hold you. Opps no attack sorry slark! After 4 sec, you can see him and escape.

  11. Phoenix says:

    Thanks for the tip. I need to update things now. 🙂

  12. Luffy says:

    Is healing effects buffed by ghost form?

  13. Phoenix says:

    No. Only two(three) heals get affected by decrepified units,
    1. Life drain/Soul Steal from a decrepified enemy.
    2. Neutral troll’s heal.

  14. recepti says:

    I typically don’t leave observations on blogs but you have some good information material.

  15. but scepter is not saver if the enemy is skill types… etherial form takes more dmg against magics…

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