Sentinel Strength Heroes

Sentinel Strength Heroes

The post contains some facts unknown to many… about heroes shown in the picture.

Post written for ver. 6.61c

Daelin Proudmoore – The Admiral


Units in air can be attacked.

The bubble animation is visible to allies only.

Enemies are paused while in the air, for a total disable time of 1.53 seconds.

Half the damage is dealt immediately when the enemy is first struck by Torrent, and the other half is dealt over time while the enemy is in the air.


Cleave damage is unreduced.

Cooldown is not activated on denies, so the damage bonus is maintained.

[X marks the spot]

If target becomes magic immune after this spell has been cast, target will not return to the X after the duration ends.

The X is visible to both teams.

It interrupts channeling spells.

[Ghost Ship]

Check THIS POST for complete explanation of the skill.

Actual AoE of ship’s collision is larger than the boat itself.

The boat has a movement speed of 650.

Bubbling animation wears off after 7 secs but ms bonus remains till 10 secs.

The damage dealt later to ourselves is direct HP removal and cannot kill the hero, always leaving at least 1 HP.

Rexxar – The Beastmaster

[Wild Axes]

Damage type: mixed (reduced by both spell resistance as well as armor)

This ability can hit magic immune units.

Wild Axes destroys trees.

This skill will not damage invisible units.

[Call of the Wild]

Greater Hawk has an Invisibility Spell (1 second fade time, 4 second duration, 30 second cooldown).

Quilbeast has a poisonous attack which slows enemy movement speed and attack speed by 20% (35% for Greater Quilbeast).

[Primal Roar]

Stuns but doesn’t damage magic immune units.

The slow won’t affect mechanical units.

Bradwarden – The Centaur Warchief

[Double Edge]

Centaur Warchief can kill himself with this skill.

Double Edge interrupts channeling spells and items.


Damage type: physical

Return causes damage when the enemy begins an attack, not when their attack hits.

This ability damages anything that attacks the Warchief, including towers.

The damage dealt by return is melee, meaning you will get slowed by a lich with frost armor when he attack you.

Raigor Stonehoof – The Earthshaker


The crevasse lasts for 8 seconds at all levels.

[Enchant Totem]

Only increases base damage and that given by the primary attribute. Raw bonus damage is not increased.

Bonus damage from this skill does not stack with the Double Damage rune.


Using items does not trigger Aftershock.

[Echo Slam]

Check THIS POST for complete explanation of the skill.

Will not damage ethereal units.

The initial damage will go through magic immunity, the additional damage will not.

The initial damage is dealt in an AoE of 500 around Earthshaker.

The ability targets enemy corpses in addition to enemy living units, meaning dead units can cause additional echo waves.

Purist Thunderwrath – The Omniknight


Deals pure damage.


Repel removes most effects from the target when cast, including Guardian Angel.

Repel buff can be removed by purge.

[Degen Aura]

Affects Magic Immune enemies also.

[Guardian Angel]

Affects allies with magic immunity also.

This buff is removed by purge.

Mangix – The Pandaren Brewmaster

[Drunken Haze]

Blocked by Linken’s Sphere as well as by magic immunity.

It has a very small area of effect that can only be noticed if there are units stacked on top of the target.

[Primal Split]

When the spell ends, the Brewmaster takes Earth’s place. If Earth is dead he takes Storm’s place, and if Storm is dead he takes Fire’s place.

If all the summoned Pandas die, it counts as a suicide.

Can be improved by Aghanim’s Scepter.

Sven – The Rogue Knight

[Storm Bolt]

The AoE targeting reticle must be centered over an enemy unit.

The projectile can’t be dodged by blinking or moving away.

[Great Cleave]

Cleave damage is unreduced.

The cleave damages a circular area in front of Sven.


Fully stacks with other armor-giving auras from items.

Fully stacks with other abilities and items that give a bonus to movement speed.

[God’s Strength]

Only increases base damage and that given by the primary attribute of Sven. Raw bonus damage is not increased.

Can only be removed by Purge (from Diffusal Blade, Stone Gaze, Unstable Current or the Satyr Trickster).

Tiny – The Stone Giant


Toss deals 20% of the damage to the tossed unit. It increases when putting skill points in Grow. Tossed allies take 20% damage from Toss regardless of Grow level.

If a unit is struck by Avalanche and tossed almost immediately such that it lands back in the AoE of Avalanche, then that unit can actually take twice the total Avalanche damage.

Toss deals 25*(Toss Skill Level) damage to buildings.

[Craggy Exterior]

Works on melee and ranged units within 300 range of Tiny.

The stun and damage occur at the beginning of the attack.


Does not increase the damage from Toss on allies.

Each level increases Tiny’s movement speed by 5.

Taur Thunderhorn – The Tauren Chieftain

[Echo Stomp]

Damage type: magical (spirit), physical (tauren)

[Ancestral Spirit]

The spirits movements are Tauren Chieftain’s own but mirrored.

[Natural Order]

250 AoE (Area of Effect)

The Ancestral Spirit also has this ability.

Natural Order overrides any other spell resistance giving ability or item, reduces armor coming from base armor or agility only.

[Earth Splitter]

The whole crack implodes 3 seconds after casting.

The crack extends with a speed of 900, to maximum distance of 2400.

Rooftrellen – The Treant Protector

[Nature’s Guise]

If the unit has a distance more than 375 to the closest tree, the invisibility will be removed.

Can be used on units even if they aren’t close to a tree, but the invisibility will be removed almost instantly.

Treant Protector can cast spells without losing invisibility from Nature’s Guise.

The skill is based on permanent invisbility so will be revealed most silences.

[Eyes in the Forest]

Summoned trees have True Sight and can see invisible units.

The enchanted tree counts as a tree for Nature’s Guise.

[Living Armor]

Can target structures. (buildings/towers/etc.)

Can be autocasted.


Damage type: magical

Entangled unit cannot Move, Attack or use the spell Blink.

Does not prevent spell casting (except Blink)

Disable works on currently magic immune units, however if a unit becomes magic immune while already affected by Overgrowth, they will break free.

Can be removed by purge.

Does not affect invisible units.


  1. blackxandro says:

    if yurnero use bladefury while entangled he will break free

  2. Phoenix says:

    Yes, yurnero will break free if he uses bladefury AFTER he’s entangled but the other way, i.e. if he’s using bladefury already, he will get entangled.

  3. SNO0K1E says:

    phoenix. your amazing :]

  4. Phoenix says:


  5. Killer of Phoenix says:

    That’s Bullshit

  6. Phoenix says:

    Wow ‘Killer of Phoenix’ [anyways I’m Phoenix so I’ll always get back :P], care to explain a bit what part is bu**sh*t??? Is it some part of the post or is it the comment that Snookie gave or what???
    ROFL 😀

  7. rorartIdoks says:

    wow! what a*s fuckig infow

  8. Liches says:

    You mean Treant can actually “REPAIR” towers?

  9. Phoenix says:

    Yes. Treant can actually REPAIR towers. 😀
    It also gives them extra armor for the stipulated time.

  10. GodBringer says:

    Love this info. 😀 😀

  11. FedEx says:

    Pressing 12345 while at the fountain while regenerating,does not make your regeneration rate increase,it just count’s by 1 rapidly

  12. bloodz278 says:

    while regenerating on your fountain, you can regen your hp fast if your going to put down items that increase your hp especially heart of tarasque.

  13. Phoenix says:

    Nope. Fountain regenerates your hp in terms of percentage, therefore keeping down hp items will not help you regen fast.

  14. CandyIsDelcicious says:

    Eul’s Scepter can remove the buff of God’s Stregnht of Sven

  15. RaDN^AweSoMe says:


  16. VirusHunter says:

    how about manta style can dodge all kind of magic… timing is everything…
    using shift dagger while channeling the tp can animate like u teleported on the targeted blink area…
    mirana can cast arrow behind or in any side of him without looking to it…
    forced staff can increase the wave length of morphling….

    last one is abusing power ups can ruinea hero slots….
    ex. buy 3 bottles and give it to a chicken dont waste money on a courier… then wait for the runes and fill the 3 bottles with runes doesnt matter if they are same runes or different runes then let the courier die on the opponents tower and let the enemy pick ur bottles with rune…… they cannot use the runes…they cannot use the bottles…. the hardest part is…. they cannot drop, sell the bottles even they die….

  17. Phoenix says:

    Hey Virus, I know this stuff but I’m not updating this blog anymore.
    1. I’ve written about the manta thing somewhere on one of my blogs.
    2. That’s cool but I didn’t try it out myself.
    3. I’ve been trying to do that in Dota 2 with no success yet. (maybe just due to lag)
    4. That’s very nice actually. Also, right clicking in the forward direction also increases wave length.
    5. I avoid discussing bugs and using them.

    Anyways, thanks for posting. These tips are not known to all players. 🙂

  18. i want the Ai’s to be stronger

  19. krapniknil619 says:

    i think obsidian destroyer
    is the most scary hero when u face it in the mid

  20. Phoenix says:

    I don’t think so. Many of the ‘mid’ heroes have longer attack range than obsidian. Maybe some more practice will make you comfortable against him.

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