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Posted: August 12, 2009 in Monkey King Bar
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Monkey King Bar

Post written for ver. 6.61c

Most detailed description of Monkey King Bar on the Internet…

Monkey King Bar

Price: 5400
Requires: Demon Edge, 2 X Javelins

+80 Damage
+15% Attack Speed
Passive: Bonus Damage
100 Damage to Target 0.01 Second Stun 35% Chance
The bonus damage is fixed regardless of any situations e.g. critical attack, armor, and will cancel any previous bash.
Passive: Toggle Skill: True Strike
True Strike causes your attacks to never miss. True Strike is not compatible with some attack modifiers.


If you have no idea of evasion, miss, terrain advantage or pseudo evasion, please refer to THIS POST before reading the rest of this post.

The people who have read the ver.6.60 changelog must’ve read about “True Strike”. Some of it’s properties are:

  • Can be toggled ON or OFF. Just click the MKB icon in your inventory to change the status.
    Toggle Cooldown is 3 secs.
  • Makes your attacks never miss. This includes all types of evasion that an enemy can have due to:
  1. Terrain Advantage
  2. Evasion due to a skill. (Mortred/Gondar)
  3. Evasion due to an item. (Talisman of Evasion/Butterfly)
  4. Miss spells (E.g. You won’t miss due to Troll’s blind or smoke-screen(Rikimaru))

This means any kind of evasion ability by an enemy unit won’t work EXCEPT

– Evasion due to Motion Buffer. (If since starting the attack animation until it reaches the attack point the target runs out of a certain range, the attack will miss.)

– Does not work against Pseudo Evasion. (Pseudo evasion is triggered heal and has no relation with evasion. e.g. Void’s Backtrack will work perfectly fine against true strike)

– Against Towers True Strike doesn’t work at all i.e., you will still miss when attacking towers from a lower ground.

  • True Strike Does not stack properly with orb or chance abilities like Frost Arrows (Traxex), Headshot (Sinper), etc.
    On melee heroes True Strike does not interfere at all with any other attack modifiers.

Something very important…

MKB’s True Strike & Buriza-do-Kyanon’s Critical will not stack on a ranged hero! i.e. you will not get a critical strike on a ranged hero if True Strike is toggled ON.

This is because True Strike is coded as a 100% 1x critical with the option: never miss enabled. So basically it doesn’t stack with another critical. However, there’s no problem for a melee hero.

Other doubts that may wander your mind:

  • True Strike applies for your attack, so deals your complete attack damage, not just MKB’s damage.
  • Yes! MKB can act as a direct counter to Evasion type carries.
  • Stacks perfectly with lifesteal.

Always remember that even if True Strike is off, the following properties hold due to MKB’s mini-stun:

  • Ministun of MKB cancels any previous stun/bash. So, never make MKB on a basher hero (Troll/Void/Spiritbreaker/Slardar) or after making a Cranium Basher.
  • Geminate (Nerubian Weaver) is odd in that criticals have always overridden geminate (as does MKB’s minibash). So if you have an MKB, Geminate will never occur.


True Strike is a 100% 1x crit with the option: never miss enabled.
  1. carlo from pinas says:

    thank you for the details.. im a fan of your blog, keep it up

  2. Phoenix says:

    Thanks for the appreciation dude. It’s the appreciation of my readers that keeps me working. 🙂

  3. Vita.Nova says:

    but with what orb based items does it stack? (both ranged and melee pls)

    thx a lot

  4. Phoenix says:

    Critical Strike” is a “buff” placer for ranged heroes only. “True Strike” is coded as a “Critical Strike” -> 100% chance. Therefore, “True Strike” is a “buff” placer on “ranged heroes” only. Therefore, melee heroes have no problems whatsoever with MKB. In case of ranged heroes, true strike is not compatible with “buff placer skills” like Traxex frost arrows (which is both an orb effect + a buff placer) and also (not compatible) with “skills based on critical strike” like “headshot” of Sniper. I guess you understood what I’m saying otherwise I’ll list all the incompatible skills if possible. 🙂

  5. Unknown says:

    I know u said traxex frost arrows but u said also etc.
    My question is HUSKBAR (sacred warrior) BURNING SPEAR dose it work with True Strike?

  6. Phoenix says:

    No, Burning Spear won’t work with True Strike. Same goes for all buff placers on ranged heroes too.

  7. vladenko says:

    hi, I’m wondering what’s the point of toggling true strike off? If I understood you correctly, it is incompatible only with some range heroes’ abilities(frost arrows, burning spear..), but are there more situations when it must be toggled off? For melee heroes there is no need to toggle it off never, right?
    Thanks for all the useful info, keep up the good work!

  8. Phoenix says:

    Yup. There’s no need to turn it off except in cases of incompatibility. [Another example: Ranged Eye of Skadi is a buff placer on ranged heroes and will not slow if true strike is on.]

    For melee heroes there’s no need to turn it off ever.

  9. kamagman123 says:

    Nice to learn about the miss thing.

  10. naren says:

    so will antimage’s mana burn work with MKB

  11. Phoenix says:

    Yes. Both work together just fine. Melee heroes have no problem with MKB whatsoever! 🙂

  12. Dota Map Hack says:

    yeah never miss true shot ..

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