-tips… Unfolding Icefrog’s Gameplay Suggestions

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Icefrog, Tips n Tricks

In my opinion, “-tips” is a great idea from Icefrog that not only helps the beginners but also clears to many of us the actual role of a hero in the game. For those who don’t know what “-tips” is, just use this command when starting a game and a bunch of advices from icefrog will come up during the game regularly.

And for those who love the “tips” from icefrog but don’t have the patience to wait the whole game for them to show up, here’s the complete list of tips provided by the -tips command.

Note: There are no tips for Tauren Chieftain, Batrider or Goblin Techies.

Big wall of text coming up…

[To search for some particular hero press “Ctrl+F” and write name of the concerned hero]

Vengeful Spirit

“Cheap items such as Bracers, Bottle and Magic Stick help give Vengeful Spirit what she needs to use Magic Missile and Swap safely and frequently.”
“By getting Magic Missile first, Vengeful Spirit should take advantage of this powerful stun by moving around the map instead of simply farming in a lane.”
“It sometimes a good idea to save the Command Aura for later in the game when it will give your team more damage.”
“Wave of Terror is used to provide sight, giving you vision over an area or providing an opportunity to use Swap.”
“Swap will allow you to isolate a key hero on their team, sometimes your sacrifice is needed to win the battle and maybe even the game.”


“When using Arc lightning, try to kill creeps and harass your opponent at the same time”
“When ganking, you can use Lightning Bolt to ensure you will not lose sight of the target quickly.”
“Lightning Bolt has a mini-stun that can be used against channeling spells and teleporting heroes.”
“Static Field is extremely powerful throughout the game: Use your spells as frequently as possible during fights.”
“Both Lightning Bolt and Wrath of the Thundergod reveal invisible units. Wrath will not damage invisible units.”


“Enchant can be used on neutral creeps, meaning Enchantress can fight and use neutral creeps to engage enemy heroes effectively.”
“Nature’s Attendants heals in an area AOE, so make sure you’re far from creeps if you only want to heal yourself.”
“Untouchable is great against physical attacks, but it does not help you survive huge burst damage nukes.”
“Impetus deals negligible damage at short range; switch to normal attacks if your target gets close to save mana.”
“Impetus deals pure damage, making it a great tool against heroes with a lot of resistance because it is not reduced.”


“Waveform is extremely powerful: Used for damage, chasing, escaping, it even allows you to dodge some spells by casting it at the right time.”
“Morph allows you to manipulate your Agility and Strength. Using the Strength Morph (‘F’) can act as a heal to help you survive between spells.”
“Use Morph Replicate to take the location of your Replicated unit, making it great for a quick escape or simply as a free teleport.”
“Replicate is usually cast on the strongest ally or enemy to a fight. Certain hero passives or items will retain their effects, so Replicate those heroes.”
“Eye of Skadi and Linken’s Sphere are two examples of Statistic-increasing items which give Morphling a lot of versatility and the ability to cast spells often.”

Crystal Maiden

“CM is a fragile support hero: Items like Bracers and Phase Boots will help her survive and deal with her low movement speed and armor.”
“A few points of Brilliance Aura early on provides your team with massive amounts of extra mana.”
“Enemies hit by Frostbite can still cast spells, so don’t take them lightly. ”
“Frostbite on non-hero units will last 10 seconds. This can be useful for killing neutral creeps that are level 5 or lower as well.”
“There are two items that can help you with the perfect Freezing Field: Placement with Kelen’s Dagger and the spell immunity of Black King Bar.”


“Storm Bolt is a skill Sven should usually get early because of its damage and stun. ”
“Take advantage of Storm Bolt’s area of effect by hitting additional enemy creeps and heroes whenever possible. ”
“Try to be near your allies when you cast Warcry.”
“Only items that increase Strength will give you additional damage from effect of God’s Strength.”
“Casting God’s Strength before engaging in fights or casting Storm Bolt will allow you to get additional attacks on your opponent.”


“Opponents can attack and cast spells while Ensnared. However, it will work on magic immune units and reveal invisible heroes until the duration expires.”

“Mirror Image can be used defensively to avoid certain spells and dispel debuffs or channeling spells.”
“Items that provide attribute bonuses improve your Image’s power.”
“Enemies caught by Song of the Siren are invulnerable while asleep. Save your attacks and spells for after the spell expires.”
“Use Song of the Siren to isolate a magic immune or Cycloned hero (since they will not be affected), or to demolish buildings while enemies are asleep.”


“Although he’s a strength hero, Earthshaker (ES) actually plays more like a caster. Damage items are not very useful, but mana items can be nice.”
“A good cast of Fissure can isolate an opponent and cut off their escape. Practice often to achieve devastating results.”
“Kelen’s Dagger is an incredible item on ES, it allows you to quickly position yourself for the perfect Fissure or Echoslam.”
“The timing of your spells is important, by spacing them out properly you can keep a group of heroes disabled for several seconds.”
“Due to Raigor’s ability to split up an enemy team and keep them stunned, he is great for initiating fights.”

Stealth Assassin

“Getting at least one level of Blink Strike and Smoke Screen help you survive to level 6 when you can learn Permanent Invisibility.”
“Attacking or using your spells makes you visible: Consider the fade time of Permanent Invisibility before placing yourself at risk.”
“Try to position Smoke Screen slightly behind enemies so that they spend more time in the cloud if they retreat.”
“Wraith Bands and later a Yasha or a Diffusal Blade will provide Rikimaru with cheap damage and chasing power for dispatching fragile heroes quickly.”
“Be careful of items that render you visible, such as Dust of Appearance, Sentry Wards or a Gem of True Sight.”


“Spirit Bear is great to have in the lane and allowing Syllabear to fight neutral creeps because of its high HP and damage. ”
“Leveling Spirit Bear also gets various bonuses that make it very powerful for fighting heroes and towers so it is usually the first thing to max out.”
“Your Spirit Bear might be able to handle a lot of damage, but if it dies you will also take damage (100 X its level). If you die, it dies as well.”
“Give items to your bear instead of Syllabear since it is usually engaging the enemy for you. Remember that stat-increasing items do not benefit the bear.”
“True Form gives Syllabear massive HP in his melee form, and Rabid and Battle Cry give both him and his Bear huge damage temporarily.”

Lina Inverse

“Light Strike Array is usually a good skill to get at level 1 because it provides you with a stun.”
“Target the ground in their direction instead of clicking on enemies to maximize Dragon Slave’s long range.”
“Cheap items will help Lina do her job: Bracers, Bottle, Phase Boots. A Point booster provides a nice HP/mana bonus for its cost.”
“Fiery Soul can help you maneuver better during a fight.”
“Try to stun as many heroes as possible during team fights”


“Blade Fury is your most important skill early game for getting hero kills and avoiding magic damage.”
“Avoid follow-command (right-clicking) heroes with Blade Fury and instead click the ground near the opponent.”
“Isolate enemy heroes before using Omnislash to prevent Juggernaut from attacking multiple targets and doing less damage.”
“Increasing your attack speed will give you ‘extra attacks’ during Omnislash, which are treated like a normal attack (in terms of damage and orb effects).”
“Protect the 1-HP Healing Ward in battles and it can prolong and save the lives of your entire team.”


“Glaives of Wisdom is useful to get early because it is useful for killing creeps and harassing your opponent manually (‘W’ and then the target).”
“Curse of the Silent will cause an enemy to lose HP/mana if they do not choose to use their spells, or cannot use their spells (disabled, silenced, cooldown).”
“Last Word will prevent enemies from using multiple spells on you and your team at the same time provided you get close enough.”
“Global Silence can be used for initiating on enemies or saving allies early on. Try to pay attention to your teammates and enemies, even those not nearby.”
“Global Silence will also give your allies the opportunity in team battles to use their spells without repercussions – making it a powerful control spell.”

Treant Protector

“Thanks to his high base damage and survivability, Rooftrellen can usually obtain high-tier damage or caster items depending on the needs of the team.”
“Living armor adds significant defensive bonuses to an allied unit. It can even be cast on buildings to make them more resilient and provide regeneration.”
“Nature’s Guise is more than an escape tool, it can be used offensively as well. Use it to position allies and yourself near trees before surprising the enemy.”
“Use Eyes in the Forest whenever you can to gain vision of key locations such as the rune spots, neutral creep camps and Roshan.”
“Enemies under the effect of Overgrowth can still use spells and items, so make sure your team acts quickly while enemies remain immobilized.”

Keeper of the Light

“Chakra Magic is an amazing support skill that you should cast on allies as often as possible if they have powerful spells.”
“Illuminate can be useful for earning gold or clearing creeps quickly, but channeling the blast can leave you vulnerable. ”
“Mana Leak gives you the offensive: An enemy that moves loses his resources to cast spells, but if he does not, you can punish him with spells and attacks.”
“When in your Spirit Form, use Blinding Light to push enemies aside, and Recall for saving or calling on the assistance of an ally.”
“Keeper of the Light usually needs to stay back in fights and make use of the long range of his spells as a support hero when pushing and defending.”

Ursa Warrior

“Get Fury Swipes and Overpower early. Fury Swipes is a very powerful orb effect on Ursa, replacing it with another is not advised.”
“Ursa is a very effective hero to fight neutral creeps with: Vladimir’s Offering is a recommended item choice.”
“Thanks to Enrage, Ursa usually purchases items that increase HP or Strength over Agility and Damage items.”
“It is a good idea to fight the two ancient camps when you need a quick boost in experience and gold. They are marked red in your minimap.”
“Certain items like Kelen’s Dagger and Lothar’s Edge will help both close the distance on enemies and take them by surprise.”

Ogre Magi

“Buying a few Clarity Potions, Ring of Basilius or Bottle in the beginning of the game will help you cast a few more spells.”
“Fireblast provides a disable, Ignite provides a slow. Both deal damage, usually making them good skills early.”
“Ogre Magi has a lot of survivability but he does need the ability to use his spells: An Arcane Ring might be the only item you will need all game.”
“Use Bloodlust to help teammates chase and escape enemies and on the hero capable of dealing the most damage before major battles.”
“Focus heroes that need to be shut down quickly with Fireblast: Hopefully they are repeatedly damaged and disabled by the effect of Multicast.”


“Laser and Missile give Tinker massive burst damage, so it is usually a good idea to get these two skills before Rearm, your ultimate.”
“Laser is not reduced by magic resistance or armor; you deal the number in the description exactly.”
“You can use the active effects of items indefinitely with Rearm, which makes Boots of Travel a very powerful item for Tinker.”
“March of the Machines can be very useful for killing creeps quickly, its large area of effect makes it useful for pushing and team fights.”
“Level 1 of Rearm is generally enough until much later when you have the mana pool to support levels 2 and 3.”


“Get Force of Nature early if you plan on leaving the lane to kill neutral creeps. Start with a Ring of Basilius to provide you with mana and armor.”
“Invest points in Teleportation, it gives you the mobility to be anywhere in the map: Cancel the spell if you change your mind by clicking ‘S’.”
“Sprout can be extremely useful offensively and defensively so get at least one point in it. Higher levels increase the duration but also the mana cost.”
“Teleportation shows allies and enemies where you intend to go, so if you want to surprise enemies, teleport where they cannot see.”
“Wrath of Nature is a great farming tool but also a powerful nuke on enemy heroes: Hit other units nearby to deal more damage to the intended target.”

Phantom Lancer

“Get Spirit Lance and Doppelwalk first because Juxtapose is better when your illusions have more health and damage.”
“Beware of the high mana costs of your spells early game, especially for Doppelwalk, which can be an escape mechanism.”
“Keep your opponents guessing by controlling your illusions created by Doppelwalk and Juxtapose.”
“Your illusions are amazing for pushing later on. Focus creeps and heroes first because illusions will not create new ones when attacking buildings.”
“Diffusal Blade and Manta Style are good choices of because they make his images much stronger by adding Agility directly.”


“Buy items that give you at least 3 Intelligence or 39 mana in the beginning of the game so that you can use both of your spells at level 2.”
“Avalanche and Toss should be the two spells you level first because they make you a force to be reckoned with early game.”
“You can sometimes kill a hero outright by casting Avalanche on him, and then Tossing him on the Avalanche area of effect before the animation ends.”
“To ensure that you Toss your desired target, isolate him by making him the only one in the area of effect. Kelen’s Dagger can help you with placement.”
“Tiny deals most of his damage through Avalanche and Toss, so the reduced attack speed from Grow is less important than the bonuses given.”


“Chen can take control of high level neutral creeps with Holy Persuasion, making him extremely powerful at low levels even without items.”
“Neutrals with special abilities usually are more useful, try to find out what has a disable or slow as this will be much better for attacking heroes with.”
“When preparing to attack from the forest, start with Penitence to slow enemies. Engage enemies from the side or from behind to catch them off guard.”
“Chen excels as a support hero, items that contribute to teammates such as Mekansm usually benefit the team more than damage items.”
“Hand of God is really useful early on for helping allies across the map. Later, it can be used to assist with pushing or defending.”

Luna Moonfang

“The level of Lucent Beam determines the damage of Eclipse, making it the most important spell to get first. ”
“Moon Glaives can be useful early if you plan to kill neutral creeps. Lifesteal items like Helm of the Dominator can help you survive against neutral creeps.”
“Try to cast Eclipse on enemy heroes when other units are not present to maximize the damage dealt to a single target. ”
“Later on with some attack speed, Lunar Blessing and Moon Glaives provide you with both massive damage and pushing power.”
“You should also consider items that allow you to land Eclipse successfully and increase your carry potential in battles, such as a Black King Bar.”

Dwarven Sniper

“Headshot will provide you with bonus damage and a short stun, making it useful for killing creeps and harassing with his incredible attack animation.”
“Sniper usually needs to find a combination of damage, attack speed and survivability that allow him to deal significant damage but survive to do so.”
“Sniper is very fragile so he needs to maintain his range. Getting Take Aim and/or Shrapnel can help provide means of staying out of harm’s way.”
“Shrapenl can also be used for slowing opponents, pushing or defending against large waves of creeps.”
“Try to use Assassinate to heavily damage an enemy before the fight even begins to give your team an advantage.”

Troll Warlord

“Berserker’s Rage gives Troll the option of melee combat, which gives him many powerful offensive bonuses at the cost of losing his ranged ability.”
“roll Warlord generally does not have to worry about attack speed thanks to his set of skills, go for damage or survivability items instead.”
“Blind will prevent your opponents from landing all their attacks, making it harder from them to harass you or kill your creeps for gold.”
“Play defensively and fight neutral creeps too. Switch to melee form and it will allow you to have an easier time.”
“In team battles, it is vital that you cast Blind on the enemy hero that deals the most damage as this will greatly reduce their damage output.”


“At least one level of Shackles is advised early on for immobilizing opponents. Remember that it is channeling so it can be interrupted or broken by yourself.”
“Rhasta needs survivability and the mana to use his spells: Bracers, Null Talismans, Point Booster are examples of items that will help out a lot.”
“Forked Lightning is your primary nuke and finisher due to its range and ability to hit multiple targets, so it more effective to get it earlier than later.”
“Use Shackles and Voodoo on enemy heroes when casting Mass Serpent Ward. You can even surround an enemy completely with the right timing.”
“Mass Serpent Wards can clear creeps quickly and deal a lot of damage over time to buildings, making them really useful for pushing and defending.”


“Rigwarl is a known for punishing heroes that attack him and surviving for long times but he still needs armor, regeneration and hit points.”
“Quill spray doesn’t initially deal much damage, but the stacking effect makes it very powerful over time in battles.”
“Sometimes one level of Goo can be enough to slow down an enemy hero early game.”
“Rigwarl needs a fair amount of mana early-game, Ring of Basilius, Magic Stick or Bottle can boost his early offensive power immensely.”
“You can mitigate a lot of damage if you turn your hero at the right times thanks to your passive Bristleback. Play mind games on your opponent.”

Pandaren Brewmaster

“Thunder Clap is a great skill early game but you may need to invest in regeneration items such as a Bottle, Magic Stick, Ring of Basilius or Void Stone.”
“Drunken Haze works not only as a slow, but the miss chance reduces the damage severely for enemy heroes.”
“Primal Split is not only for escaping: Once you master your three Pandas, Earth, Storm and Fire, you can use them offensively as well.”
“In Primal Split form, Mangix has two useful disables that can be used against enemies: Storm’s Cyclone and Earth’s Hurl Boulder.”
“Mangix usually initiates for the team, so survivability items are helpful, investing in a Kelen’s Dagger to help land Thunder Clap is often a good idea.”

Centaur Warchief

“Return should be leveled if Centaur plans to fight neutral creeps, otherwise Double Edge is more useful in the lane.”
“Thanks to a high strength gain and the bonus strength from your ultimate, Centaur is a great at heading into battle first and receiving damage.”
“A Hood of Defiance can prove to be just as useful as a Vanguard depending on whether the other team has a lot of magical spells.”
“Avoid putting yourself at risk after using Double Edge. You can use it to commit suicide if you are about to die to deny opponents experience and gold.”
“Kelen’s Dagger is a great way of initiating on opponents and dealing with his slow casting animation of Stomp.”


“Shuriken Toss, Wind Walk and Track are much more useful than Jinada early on.”
“You’re going to need mana regen: Bottle, Ring Of Basillius and Void Stone are examples of good options. ”
“Use Wind Walk cautiously: If you wait until the cooldown is complete before breaking out of invisibility, you can cast it again immediately afterward.”
“Shuriken Toss and Wind Walk deal a lot of damage quickly: Search the map often for low HP heroes to hunt. ”
“Use Track on a nearby enemy hero to allow you and your allies to outrun them. Also cast it on nearly dead heroes for bonus gold.”

Dragon Knight

“Breath Fire is a strong nuke and farming ability. However, against difficult opponents, Dragon’s Blood is very useful.”
“Dragon Tail is the longest duration level 1 stun in the game. One point is usually sufficient until later on.”
“Thanks to the defensive bonuses on Dragon’s Blood, he can often focus on other damage items instead of increasing armor and regeneration.”
“Level 1 of Elder Dragon Form has a special passive called Corrosive Attack, which deals significant damage over time against towers.”
“The ranged splash damage and slow of his Level 3 ultimate makes him extremely powerful; getting to level 16 is very important for DK.”


“Blink is very versatile, allowing you to chase, escape and even avoid certain spells. It is definitely worth at least one point in the beginning.”
“You can also use Mana Break to prevent enemy heroes from casting spells on you, but be careful since it forces you to get in melee range to attack.”
“Spell Shield might be useful for reducing magic damage, but it does not prevent you from being disabled or status effects (slow, poison, etc.).”
“Offensive items without orb effects such as a Battlefury, Monkey King Bar or Butterfly are usually desired over items that would override your Mana Break.”
“Sometimes survivability is just as important as damage, items such as Linken’s Sphere or Manta Style offer a good mix of both offense and defense.”

Drow Ranger

“Frost Arrows make Drow an excellent chaser early game and allow her to harass opponents safely by manually casting them (clicking ‘R’ and the target).”
“An early level of Silence is great for preventing opponents from using multiple spells on you or your allies.”
“Trueshot Aura and Marksmanship provide Traxex with plenty of damage even with just a few Wraith Bands and Power Treads.”
“Lothar’s Edge provides damage and an escape mechanism, the latter of which can help Traxex survive.”
“Stay out of danger in major battles, only close in on your enemies when you are chasing and finishing off heroes near the end.”


“Omniknight is a powerful support hero, items that provide mana such as Arcane Ring help make sure that you can use all your spells.”
“Purification can be used offensively and defensively: The unit you cast it on will deal damage around it, making it a powerful heal and nuke.”
“Degen Aura is a very strong passive slow that is useful both to chase down enemy heroes and help you and your allies escape as well.”
“Repel is used to remove buffs from allies and enemies, and to prevent heroes with spells from being interrupted or damage dealers from being disabled.”
“Guardian Angel makes a team nearly impervious to physical damage and provides 25/sec HP regeneration, use this time wisely to survive or attack.”


“Endurance Aura is usually more useful later in the game when your team is fighting together, so get your other skills first.”
“Call of the Wild is very powerful: The boar gives damage and slow, while the hawk can provide vision over runes, neutral creeps and other key locations.”
“Wild Axes are more useful early game and against heroes with less armor. Destroy trees with Wild Axes to surprise your opponents and for escaping.”
“Try casting Wild Axes behind the target to compensate for their movement. You can also manipulate their return path by moving Rexxar.”
“Find opportunities to use Roar whenever it is available. It is useful on heroes who have an escape mechanism or are immune to magic.”


“Dual Breath and Ice Path help to make Jakiro a strong offensive and defensive support hero. ”
“Jakiro can cast his spells immediately by clicking the nearby ground in the desired direction, sometimes this is more effective than clicking on the target.”
“A level of Liquid Fire early on can be useful for deterring physical attacks ”
“Macropyre is a slow but powerful spell, combine it with other spells (yours or a teammate) to make sure the opponent is standing in the area of effect.”
“It is often a good idea to purchase useful support items like Mekansm or Shiva’s Guard, two items that also increase his low armor significantly.”


“Unstable Concoction provides you with your only disable; it will not stop charging unless the target becomes invisible.”
“You can release Unstable Concoction at any time, the duration of the stun and damage is based on how long you charged it. ”
“Surprise enemies by charging Unstable Concoction from a hidden location to prevent them from noticing and running away from you.”
“The high regeneration of Chemical Rage makes it a useful heal if you have low health.”
“Acid Spray and Chemical Rage are extremely useful for killing creeps and earning gold, especially with the passive effect of Goblin’s Greed.”

Priestess of the Moon

“PotM can be extremely efficient and gank with just a few Wraith Bands, Boots of Speed and a Bottle.”
“Getting one level of Leap is usually sufficient early on until Starfall and Elune’s Arrow are fully leveled.”
“Land your Elune’s Arrow by coordinating with allies and predicting enemy movements. You can even hit invisible or faraway targets with practice.”
“Starfall hits a second time for half damage to one random enemy within 200 range, get close if you can to deal bonus damage”
“Moonlight Shadow can be used to initiate or escape but sometimes it can be learned later when PotM can use it without compromising her mana pool.”

Storm Spirit

“Do not get Overload at level 1 since you do not have any spells to activate its effect with.”
“Choosing which ability to max first can be difficult, but generally at least one point in all three skills is a good idea.”
“You have to wait 1 second after casting Static Remnant before it begins detecting nearby units for its explosion effect.”
“In addition to chasing and escaping, Lightning Ball can be used to dodge many spells with the right timing.”
“An item like Bloodstone is useful on Storm Spirit because the percentage-based mana cost of Lightning Ball makes regeneration an important asset.”


“A level of Burning Spears early on is great for harassing enemy heroes. Use it manually by clicking ‘R’ then the desired target to avoid drawing focus fire.”
“Berserker’s Blood makes you stronger as you take damage. The bonuses stop when you have 51% HP, so there is little point in taking additional damage.”
“Life Break deals damage based on the remaining health of the target, making it strongest at the beginning of a fight. ”
“Inner Vitality heals more when you have less than 40% of your life, but avoid making the mistake of casting it too late in battles.”
“Survivability while in low health is important for Huskar: Consider items such as Armlet of Mordiggan, Black King Bar, or Heart of Tarrasque.”


“Refraction is a great way of surviving in a lane, just be careful not to get hit by creeps too much.”
“Meld starts cooling down when you click the spell, so you can hit him twice with it if you can predict your enemy’s movements.”
“Traps can be used for vision, most effectively in cramped areas like the end of ramps or at the rune powerup spots.”
“You can farm extremely fast by positioning yourself so that the Psi Blades splash on multiple creeps at once.”
“Placing a trap or two before engaging a fight can be a good idea, to cut off possible escape and/or chase routes.”


“Illusory Orb and Jaunt are used to travel short distances quickly, but if you wait too long to Jaunt, you will lose the opportunity.”
“Puck is very fragile early game, some Bracers or Null Talismans and a level of Phase Shift can help you survive.”
“Using Phase Shift manually instead of Autocast will prevent stray attacks from triggering it on Autocast. In general you will have better control of its use.”
“Waning Rift deals damage and silences, but forces you to be close enough. Use Illusory Orb or Dream Coil to help you land the spell on enemies.”
“Puck is a great initiator in fights who offers control of the battle with his spells, allowing allies to join the battle and use their spells or attacks safely.”

Clockwerk Goblin

“You can use Rocket Flare for harassing and killing creeps early on. With the right timing, you can even fire at enemies across the map.”
“Power Cogs can be used to trap an enemy, push them away while draining mana, or as an escape mechanism since Rattletrap destroys Cogs in only 1 hit.”
“Battery Assault adds a lot of damage and the stuns help you with chasing, use it when no other units are nearby for best results.”
“Hookshot’s long range and high speed lets you reach enemies from out of sight. Follow up with your other spells quickly so your target cannot escape.”
“Rocket Flare also gives vision where it lands, making it very useful for scouting areas such as rune spots, neutral creeps, the enemy base.”


“Tidebringer is extremely useful early game: Use the bonus damage for killing creeps and the cleave effect to harass opponents at the same time.”
“The bubble animation from Torrent can only be seen by your team so try to use this to your advantage.”
“An ally’s assistance or X Marks the Spot is a great way of making sure Torrent and Ghost Ship hit your opponent.”
“Escaping enemy heroes is easy by casting X Marks the Spot on them. It also prevents them from getting away.”
“The Ghost Ship will crash 1000 range from where you stand when you cast it. Keep your distance when you use it.”


“Powershot deals significant damage, making it ideal to max first. Be sure not to fire through creeps if you want to deal maximum damage to your target.”
“An early level of Windrunner can provide you with a quick getaway and chasing tool.”
“Shackleshot can either be used on your intended target to bind him to a nearby unit, or to bind the designated target located BEHIND the unit that you fired it at.”
“Focus Fire is also a powerful spell to use on buildings and Roshan.”
“As long as you do not attack another target, the effect of Focus Fire will stay on. Use your spells and active items to help you fire at your target.”


“Get Soul Steal if you need healing in the lane.”
“Purchase statistic-increasing items like Wraith Bands and later items like Sange and Yasha to benefit both Terrorblade and his images.”
“It might be difficult to escape due to the trail you leave behind when walking, you may have to use an image to act as a block or decoy.”
“Sunder can turn fights around when you have low health but be careful of disables and high damage spells when trying to swap.”
“Creating ranged images in Metamorphosis will allow you to deal damage safely in fights as well as push down buildings very quickly.”


“Split Earth is a very useful disable while Lightning Storm is taken because of its low cooldown. Both are powerful spells that hit multiple targets.”
“By using Lightning Storm to finish low-health creeps with nearby opponents, you can get gold and harass enemy heroes at the same time.”
“Diabolic Edict is one of the most powerful spells for destroying buildings. Eliminate the creeps first so that you only have one target.”
“Turn off Pulse Nova when you have finished using it because the spell will continue until you have exhausted your entire mana pool.”
“Items like Bloodstone or Aghanim’s Scepter will allow Leshrac to use his spells more liberally and survive in the midst of battle.”


“Dark Ritual is useful for denying allied creeps and provides you with mana to use spells without buying regeneration items.”
“Frost Nova is a very powerful spell that allows you to be aggressive. Attack the enemy a few extra times while they are slowed.”
“Chain Frost is most effective when used against 2-3 nearby targets (ideally heroes), but will not bounce when used on a lone unit.”
“Frost Armor should be cast on multiple teammates when you have the mana for it later on; it works nicely against melee units.”
“The first target of your Chain Frost can interrupt channeling and teleport spells if absolutely necessary.”


“Carrion Swarm is your primary nuke and first skill to max. Make use of its range by casting it on the ground instead of on a unit directly.”
“An early level of Silence can help prevent you and your allies from being attacked by multiple spells.”
“The ghosts of Exorcism will attack whatever you attack, so if you want to direct all attention to a single unit simply focus them and stay nearby.”
“Exorcism also makes Krobelus extremely effective for quickly destroying enemy buildings, so be sure to push the enemy base when you can”
“The effect of Exorcism stops if you die in combat: Invest in items that improve your survivability, such as a Bloodstone or a Heart of Tarrasque.”


“With plenty of damage and disables, Lion is quite a force to be reckoned with cheap utility items such as Bottle and Phase Boots.”
“Impale gives Lion the ability to disable multiple targets and deals decent damage, so it is definitely the most versatile of his three skills for the early game.”
“Mana Drain only works on units with mana: Using Mana Drain on enemy heroes will reduce their spell use while replenishing mana.”
“Avoid wasting Finger of Death on low-health enemy heroes when a few extra attacks or using another spell like Impale will deal enough damage.”
“Wait until the duration of your first disable wears off before using another one for maximum disable time when using Impale and Voodoo.”


“Venomous Gale is a spell that hits multiple opponents and slows them, making it very useful for getting early kills.”
“At least one level of Poison Sting is recommended early game for its slow effect.”
“Bottle and Magic Stick will help deal with his low HP/mana, while Phase Boots are a cheap way to improve his chasing capabilities.”
“Wards are very useful for pushing a lane and killing neutral and enemy creeps, but you can also use it to provide vision.”
“Poison Nova deals a lot of damage but you have to combine it with other spells and attacks because it does not deal fatal damage (stops at 1 HP).”


“Bottle and Perseverance help with early regeneration,. while purchasing Kelen’s Dagger later will help you to land Reverse Polarity.”
“A few Attribute Bonus points can help you cast more spells. Save Mighty Swing for later levels when you have more damage.”
“By targeting the ground where you want to fire Shockwave, you can hit both creeps and opponents and make use of its long range.”
“Magnus should cast Empower on himself and other allies with high damage before initiating team battles with his ultimate.”
“The cleave of Battlefury stacks directly with Mighty Swing, making it a good damage item especially if you already have a Perseverance.”


“Although an Intelligence hero, Soul Assumption gives Visage high damage and with Gravekeeper’s Cloak, he can be very difficult to kill.”
“Soul Assumption is great for the laning phase because it gives you a heal and the ability to kill creeps and harass enemy heroes.”
“Use Grave Chill for chasing and escaping from opponents, and to reduce the damage capabilities of heroes in team battles.”
“Raise Revenants can provide you with summons that can move around scouting the map or stay around you and deal damage.”
“Gravekeeper’s Cloak is a passive that promotes buying survivability items like Mekansm and later a Heart of Tarrasque.”

Chaos Knight

“Chaos Bolt and Blink Strike are active abilities that are more useful in the lane and for killing opponents than Critical Strike.”
“Chaos Bolt is a disable that switches between average and extremely powerful, the sooner you have max out this spell, the better.”
“His high natural movement speed (325 – the highest in the game) and Blink Strike make him very difficult for opponents to outrun or chase him.”
“If you Blink Strike and then use Chaos Bolt, you can spend more time hitting opponents and less time waiting for his slow casting animation. ”
“Make Nessaj and Phantasm stronger by buying Strength items like Armlet of Mordiggan (when activated) and Heart of Tarrasque.”


“If you want to neutral creeps, start with Summon Wolves and a Ring of Basilius, which can be used to make Vladmir’s Offering later.”
“Spirit Wolves gain invisibility at level 4, making them difficult to kill and easy to harass heroes with in the lane.”
“Feral Heart make you and your wolves stronger overall, while Howl is an offensive spell used before engaging the enemy.”
“Shapeshift makes you incredibly powerful and gives you max movement speed. Avoid being blocked by your wolves when chasing.”
“A Black King Bar will prevent enemies from disabling you, making you very fearsome and almost unstoppable when attacking heroes.”


“At least one level in Spin Web early game will increase your survivability greatly. Remember that attacking/using spells will cause you to break invisibility.”
“Spawn Spiderlings is both a nuke and pushing spell, so getting items like a Ring of Basilius will provide you with both mana and armor for pushing.”
“Incapacitating Bite makes it very difficult for enemies to get away from you, great for chasing and slowing opponents temporarily for your allies.”
“Try to space out your webs with least 2 seconds of walking distance so that you can benefit from its bonuses on as much ground as possible.”
“With the damage and lifesteal from Insatiable Hunger, sometimes it is best to get items that will prevent you from being disabled, such as a Black King Bar.”


“Stifling Dagger is used for creep-killing and slowing opponents; prevent enemies from escaping by using it with Blink Strike.”
“Try to Blink Strike to a nearby allied or enemy unit to make a quick escape when caught in a defensive situation. ”
“Be cautious when entering battles with Blink Strike, you could be caught outnumbered or disabled without your escape mechanism.”
“Blur can sometimes allow you to surprise opponents if they aren’t paying attention.”
“Items like Battlefury are useful, but getting a Black King Bar or a Satanic afterward will help you survive long enough to deal damage.”


“Mystic Snake is a smart choice to have early game: Its damage and mana drain makes it great for harassing and offsetting its own mana cost.”
“Mana Shield will increase your survivability drastically. Use it wisely or it can also leave you with no mana for your other spells.”
“Using Split Shot allows you to attack multiple units, but the extra arrows from Split Shot do not gain the properties of orb effects.”
“Stone Gaze is an ultimate that is used to slow opponents and remove their buffs, making it easy to escape or attack the purged enemies.”
“Items that increase statistics and regeneration like Linkens Sphere will always be a good choice because of Mana Shield.”

Night Stalker

“Night Stalker may be passive during the day, but at night his spells make him much more powerful and great for hunting heroes down.”
“Void is your primary source of damage early game and can be used to interrupt spells and teleports with its mini-stun.”
“While Hunter in the Night does nothing during the day, get it so that during nighttime it will give you massive movement and attack speed.”
“Use Crippling Fear when you are hunting heroes so that they cannot disable or slow you while you are chasing them.”
“Since Darkness will pause time when activated, casting it at night whenever it is on cooldown will extend the total nighttime.”

Skeleton King

“Skeleton King is a hero who is known for his ability to reincarnate if focused upon and dealing a lot of damage if he is ignored by opponents. ”
“Hellfire Blast is a great spell for the early laning phase and a few levels of Attribute Bonus can give you stat points for additional stuns.”
“Critical Strike is generally preferred over Vampiric Aura because its lifesteal is not very effective earlier when Leoric needs more damage.”
“Make sure you have enough mana for Hellfire Blasts and especially Reincarnation. Buying a Magic Stick and/or a Bottle can pay off nicely.”
“Get cheaper damage items like Armlet of Mordiggan and Desolator. A Black King Bar will allow you to dish out damage without being disabled.”

Doom Bringer

“Lucifer can obtain gold very quickly thanks to Devour, so getting regeneration items like Perseverance will help him to cast spells and survive in the lane.”
“Devour deals 20 damage per second, so consume creeps with low HP remaining so you can finish digesting the enemy quickly.”
“Use the command -ma to find your opponents’ level for potential LVL? Death targets. Its mini-stun will also interrupt channeling spells and teleports.”
“Doom is usually used in conjunction with LVL? Death for killing enemy heroes; you can also use it on heroes to silence their spells.”
“When chasing or escaping with Scorched Earth, cast it in front of you so that you will experience the movement speed bonuses for a longer period of time.”

Nerubian Assassin

“Effective use of Impale and Mana Burn early game requires you to purchase some Null Talismans or Bracers and Bottle.”
“Mana Burn is a devastating spell to have in the lane, force opponents to play defensively by preventing them from casting spells.”
“Unlike other Agility heroes, Anub’arak is a caster. Getting items like Dagon can be more useful than purchasing damage items.”
“Vendetta is a good initiating spell for surprising opponents. Cast it far away so that they cannot hear its sound effect upon activation.”
“Be careful when using Vendetta against multiple opponents and going near towers where they can see you while you are invisible.”


“Slithereen Crush requires good positioning, so do your best to stand next to the hero you are trying to stun.”
“Sprint is a great spell for both chasing and escaping but be careful when using it because you will take bonus damage.”
“In addition to lowering armor, Amplify Damage provides vision of enemies, even heroes that have the ability to become invisible.”
“Bash is usually more effective later in the game when you have more items like Armlet of Mordiggan.”
“Slardar’s role in battles is to initiate with Slithereen Crush and focus an enemy with Bash and Amplify Damage. Pick off escapees with Sprint.”

Queen of Pain

“Blink provides you with an escape mechanism and spell dodge but on higher levels it becomes a powerful chasing tool as well.”
“Scream of Pain is used for killing creeps and harassing opponents, making it more useful than Shadow Strike early game.”
“Try to hit as many targets as possible with Sonic Wave by targeting the ground instead of on an enemy hero directly.”
“Shadow Strike does decent damage but its primary use is for the slow it provides for chasing and outrunning opponents.”
“Her spell reliance, mobility and survivability allows her to buy expensive Intelligence items such as a Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse.”

Bone Fletcher

“Searing Arrows provide damage for last hitting creeps and harassing enemy heroes by using it manually by clicking ‘R’ followed by the designated target.”
“Wind Walk is commonly used for chasing and escaping but the invisibility and movement speed can help you avoid specific spells with the right timing.”
“Cast Death Pact on enemy or neutral creeps instead of allied units whenever possible because it will give you the gold for killing the unit.”
“Regeneration items like Orchid Malevolence or a Linkens Sphere will allow liberal use of his abilities in battle and help him against spellcasters and nukers.”
“Strafe is usually gotten later, but combined with Searing Arrows, Clinkz can deal a lot of damage quickly, powerful against enemy heroes and buildings.”

Faceless Void

“Time Walk is your escaping and chasing skill, but it will allow you to avoid spells and damage since you are invulnerable during the animation.”
“Get Backtrack early game if you need to play defensively, while Time Lock will allow you to be a little more aggressive.”
“Since Darkterror is so fragile, enter battles by using Time Walk and then cast Chronosphere to prevent yourself from being disabled or killed otherwise.”
“Chronosphere affects all units that are not controlled by you, including both allies and enemies. Avoid hitting teammates or it could cost them their lives.”
“Items such as Power Treads and Butterfly will give both damage and attack speed, which is useful if Void wants to repetitively stun with Time Lock.”Viper

“Poison Attack allows you to harass an opponent and permanently chase them thanks to a 0 cooldown starting at level 3.”
“Prevent creeps and towers from attacking you by casting Poison Attack manually by clicking ‘C’ and then the designated target.”
“Neurotoxin will add bonus damage, useful early for getting the last hit on creeps and also for dealing damage to heroes as well.”
“Early HP and movement speed items like Phase Boots or a Point/Vitality Booster can really make a difference.”
“Sometimes it is wise to invest in a Lothar’s Edge or Kelen’s Dagger to provide you with the ability to get in and out of combat safely.”


“Use your attack range to help gauge how far opponents need to be for Plasma Field to deal the most damage.”
“Unstable Current will slow opponents who cast spells on you and could be useful to help prevent yourself from being killed.”
“Static Link is powerful if you can stay within the range of opponents – getting Unstable Current can sometimes help with that.”
“Storm Seeker strikes the target with the lowest health, so use it after creeps have died or when chasing a solitary target.”
“Consider increasing your HP along with damage when purchasing items.”


“Open Wounds is a powerful slow that nearly stops enemies in their tracks; it also lets you and your allies heal for attacking that unit.Open Wounds is a powerful slow that nearly stops enemies in their tracks; it also lets you and your allies heal for attacking that unit.”
“Feast deals percentage-based damage, which is useful against heroes with high HP and lets Naix fight neutral creeps with ease.”
“Rage can be used to avoid spells and to prevent opponents from disabling you while you are attacking them or trying to escape from them.”
“Infest can be used for escaping, surprising your opponents, to neutral, or to just gain significant health quickly when necessary.”
“Thanks to your physical damage and ability to steal life, Armlet of Mordiggan or Desolator are both solid choices for high-tier items.”


“Nether Blast gives you an incredible skill for killing creeps, harassing heroes and pushing. Use it to score the killing blow to a tower.”
“Decrepify can be used on opponents either to increase spell damage from you and your allies or to prevent them from attacking.”
“Nether Ward will drain mana and punish opponents for using spells. Just remember to cast it where opponents cannot destroy it easily.”
“Aghanim’s Scepter, Linkens Sphere and Bloodstone are examples of items that offer survivability while improving his spellcasting abilities.”
“Life Drain deals a lot of damage unless opponents disable you or run away. With an Aghanim’s Scepter, its cooldown becomes 0.”


“Be sure to attack enemies slowed by Gush, the armor reduction means that your hits will deal more damage than normal.”
“Anchor Smash is an offensive damage spell that lets you hurt multiple units, good for killing neutral creeps and useful in team battles.”
“Kraken Shell gives you some protection against physical damage as well as a debuff removal against certain spells.”
“In fights, Tidehunter should be in the middle of the action drawing focus fire and dealing damage because of his skill set and high survivability.”
“Ravage has a large area of effect but Kelen’s Dagger will allow you to initiate without being disabled and use it in an optimal spot.”

Bane Elemental

“High costs and cooldowns give Atropos limited ability use: Cast spells intelligently and get items like Null Talismans and/or Magic Stick for your mana pool.”
“Brain Sap is a powerful nuke and heal and deals exact unreduced damage so get it early and always try to use it on enemy heroes when using the spell.”
“Use Nightmare to help teammates to aim their spells and remove an opponent from battles temporarily while you fight their allies.”
“Enfeeble is usually a skill to get after Brain Sap and Nightmare to use on enemy heroes with high damage to reduce their damage capabilities severely.”
“Fiend’s Grip will work on Magic Immune units such as those under the active effect of Black King Bar, holding them in place but dealing no damage.”


“Death Pulse lets you kill creeps and harass heroes simultaneously, great for pushing and healing allied units because of its low cooldown.”
“Sadist will provide you with some early regeneration for killing creeps, while Heartstopper Aura becomes effective as the game goes on.”
“Reaper’s Scythe is known for its ability to kill heroes outright, allowing you to bring down even high-HP Strength heroes with ease.”
“Your ultimate can also be used to stun opponents in certain situations, such as interrupting channeling spells and teleports.”
“Items like Bloodstone or Heart of Tarrasque allow you to survive long enough in team battles to make your spells more effective.”


“Pudge can known for his ability to isolate enemies with Meat Hook and using Rot and Dismember afterward, killing them outright. ”
“Early regeneration and movement speed items such as Bottle and Phase Boots help provide Pudge with the means to cast spells and chase his opponents.”
“Use Meat Hook from a location where you are not obstructed by any allied or enemy units other than your target to ensure a better chance of landing it.”
“A Hood of Defiance will improve your magic resistance to reduce damage from using Rot and getting hit by spells; The massive regeneration is also good.”
“Use your spells defensively: Rot can be used to commit suicide if necessary and Meat Hook can be used to rescue an ally from one or more enemies.”

Spirit Breaker

“Empowering Haste is a smart skill to level first, it gives Barathrum movement speed and significant damage for killing creeps and heroes.”
“A level of Greater Bash early game can be useful as an extra disable, since the 17% chance is the same for all levels.A level of Greater Bash early game can be useful as an extra disable, since the 17% chance is the same for all levels.”
“Get Strength Power Treads because the attack and movement speed benefits your other skills and the boost in HP helps you survive.”
“Charge of Darkness gives Barathrum spell immunity after 12 seconds and provides vision of the target for you and your allies.”
“Nether Strike puts you from the opposite side of where you were facing, push opponents backwards and into your allies.”


“Take care of Weaver’s HP/damage problems with Bracers or Wraith Bands and get regeneration so he can use his spells freely.”
“An early level of Watchers can be used to provide vision over the rune powerups. Patrol them to increase their area of detection.”
“Shukuchi is used for harassing and chasing opponents offensively, and escaping and avoiding certain projectile spells defensively.”
“If your Geminate Attack is not working, make sure that you input an attack command (‘A’ or right-click) and are not simply auto-attacking.”
“Use Time Lapse after taking a lot of recent damage to heal yourself, allowing you to pull off some dangerous moves like diving into towers.”

Shadow Fiend

“Necromastery is important because of its massive damage gain and because your ultimate deals damage based on the number of souls.”
“Shadow Raze gives you three powerful nuke spells that should be maxed out first. Gauge the distance correctly and hit multiple times.”
“Requiem of Souls deals more damage the closer you are: Placement items like Lothar’s Edge and Kelen’s Dagger can help you land it.”
“After maxing your other two spells, Presence of the Dark Lord will be useful by then, good for pushing and dealing more physical damage.”
“If you die, remember to fill up on souls again before major fights when you respawn or you will be much less effective in battles.”

Sand King

“Burrowstrike is both versatile and powerful: It deals damage, stuns and provides you with a useful escape or chasing mechanism.”
“Using Sandstorm at the right time will dodge certain projectile spells and can protect you temporarily if it is necessary.”
“Getting Kelen’s Dagger will give him increased mobility and reach, and also the ability to Blink into battle right after channeling Epicenter.”
“While you cannot move while Epicenter is channeling, once the pulses begin you can freely move around (mostly to chase your opponent).”
“Caustic Finale might be an orb effect but it is extremely useful for killing multiple units quickly for fighting neutrals, pushing and defending.”


“Counter Helix gives Axe the flexibility to both lane and jungle. A Stout Shield will help reduce the damage from taking attacks in order to activate Helix.”
“A Vanguard or a Hood of Defiance offers survivability and regeneration, which are usually more useful to Axe than increasing his attack speed or damage.”
“Berserker’s Call is used to initiate fights and draw focus fire. Using it when there are more enemy units increases the chance of activating Counter Helix.”
“Monitor your opponent’s HP for the perfect Culling Blade opportunity to finish them off. However, if your enemy has too much HP, it will hardly do anything.”
“Kelen’s Dagger and/or Phase Boots can help you enter the fight first and get close enough for a Berserker’s Call.”


“Getting Blood Bath will allow you to take a few hits as you are killing creeps because you will recover your health immediately afterwards.”
“An early level of Bloodrage can be useful for silencing enemies temporarily and for dealing a little bit of damage.”
“Phase Boots and HP can be just as useful as damage items because they increase his survivability for chasing enemies and other longer battles.”
“Use Rupture when your enemy has to either run away or to prevent them from moving, such as when an ally is about to use a powerful spell.”
“Both allies and enemies gain the massive damage increase and are silenced from Bloodrage, which can be disastrous if used incorrectly.”


“Abbadon’s spells can save allies while dealing damage, so support and regeneration items like Vladmir’s Offering can be more useful than damage items.”
“Death Coil can be used both as a nuke and a heal, just remember that it deals damage to you unless you are using Aphotic Shield or Borrowed Time.”
“Aphotic Shield prevents damage but can also be used to remove certain debuffs, such as removing the stun duration effect on an ally.”
“Frostmourne is usually gotten later but it is very useful for chasing and helping your allies outrun your opponents.”
“Borrowed Time can be cast manually as well. If you know you are going to receive a lot of damage sometimes it can be wiser to use it then.”


“Spectral Dagger is your utility spell. You can use it for chasing people down, scouting dangerous areas and escaping. ”
“You also walk through units, trees, even cliffs while you are walking on Spectral Dagger’s black path, making it very handy when used properly.”
“Desolate is great for dealing target to isolated targets but Dispersion helps you to survive in the lane: Chose whatever combination suits you best.”
“Haunt lets you jump into a fight directly from anywhere in the map; just make sure that you pay attention to the actions of your team.”
“Getting HP will allow you to withstand and dish out more Dispersion damage, which is extremely powerful in team fights.”

Witch Doctor

“Paralyzing Cask is your initiating spell for your other skills and can effectively keep two nearby units stun-locked at higher levels.”
“Maledict drastically reduces the damage needed to kill opponents and is an important spell to land in every fight.”
“An early level of Voodoo Restoration can provide a relatively cheap heal if you are forced to play defensively.”
“Damaging your opponent immediately after using Maledict is wise because it will deal more bonus damage overall at the 3 ticks.”
“Death Ward is a powerful channeling spell if not interrupted. A Black King Bar will help to prevent enemies from disabling you.”


“Getting Intelligence and mana items is extremely important for Harbringer as the power of Arcane Orb and Sanity’s Eclipse rely on this.”
“Use Astral Imprisonment to control your opponents’ mana, for escaping/chasing, or on yourself and allies to avoid spells.”
“Cast Arcane Orb manually early on because you will have a greater chance of activating Essence Aura to use it endlessly.”
“Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse is a great choice because it offers Intelligence, balanced stats and provides Harbringer with a powerful disable.”
“Use Sanity’s Eclipse early in fights so that you drain casters with high Intelligence of their mana and cripple their ability to cast spells.”


“Shadow Word is either a heal or damage over time, definitely the most powerful early game spell to have.”
“The affordable Mekansm is a good support item for Warlock, who is not a hero who is reliant on gold and items to be effective.”
“Rain of Chaos creates a powerful Infernal that can take on heroes and is also great for killing creeps and pushing buildings.”
“Fatal Bonds can deal huge damage if you and your teammates have other area of effect (AoE) spells that would hurt multiple linked units.”
“The stun when using Rain of Chaos along with its huge casting range (1200) is great for interrupting spells and initiating battles.”


“Vladmir’s Offering and/or Mekansm provides valuable auras and useful heals that can help support your team and keep your Meepos alive.”
“Poof is both a teleport and damage spell and is great against neutrals. Poof to yourself to deal double the damage (from departure and arrival).Poof is both a teleport and damage spell and is great against neutrals. Poof to yourself to deal double the damage (from departure and arrival).”
“Geomancer is an advanced hero: Be sure to monitor their individual health because if one dies, they all will.”
“Strength Power Treads are suggested since clones will receive all of the Strength from footwear along with a 2.5 bonus (12.5 total).”
“Time Earthbind with each of your clones. With 4 Meepos and Level 4 Earthbind, you can almost permanently immobilize them.”

Shadow Priest

“An early level of both Shadow Wave and Shallow Grave provides a lot of support before getting Poison Touch to level 3 for its added stun.”
“Try to use Shadow Wave to heal and damage opponents at the same time. Surround an enemy with multiple allied units for more damage.”
“In addition to slowing and damaging opponents, Poison Touch will allow you to interrupt channeling spells and teleports”
“Dazzle generally does not need many items and can sometimes focus on increasing his spell use with regeneration and support items like Mekansm.”
“Weave is a powerful spell, try to hit both allies and enemies with it, and it can also be used to provide vision before major battles occur.”

Pit Lord

“Firestorm will be your main ability for killing creeps but it can deal a lot of damage to heroes if you combine it with disables or slows.”
“The Pit of Malice is a useful disable that lasts for 10 seconds so it will both ensnare opponents and deter opponents from entering the circle.”
“Expulsion is usually used after some creeps have died so the spell lasts longer and will deal damage and mini-stun enemies.”
“Pit Lord is played more as a caster, increase his team presence and spell use by obtaining expensive Intelligence items like Shiva’s Guard.”
“Dark Rift is a great spell for transporting multiple allies to surprise opponents, and more importantly to defend and attack the base.”


“Decay is used to deal damage and make opponents more vulnerable, while increasing the survivability of Dirge temporarily.”
“Make sure Dirge is a presence who can cast his spells in fights by buying regeneration items like Vladmir’s Offering and Void Stone.”
“Soul Rip is a powerful heal or nuke but remember that it will have almost no effect without nearby units. Cast it in crowds.”
“Use Tombstone when engaging the enemy because the zombies have a slowing capability and may also help block your opponents.”
“Tombstone Zombies become extremely powerful when your opponents have low health and attack and move much faster.”

Dark Seer

“Ion shell is great for killing creeps and dealing damage to heroes, but it will not damage an enemy target if you cast it on them directly.”
“A level of Surge early game can help you and allies escape and chase enemies, and works nicely to help you close in on opponents with Ion Shell.”
“Vacuum is an extremely powerful skill that can be used for initiating and combining with other spells. It can also interrupt channeling and teleport spells.”
“Make sure they are standing closer to the edge of your targeting circle when casting Vacuum to pull your opponents further.”
“Use Wall of Replica where multiple heroes will touch it; try using it with Vacuum. Get your allies to run through the wall too.”


“Having at least one level in Quas, Wex and Exort will give you a larger repertoire of spells. Type -invokelist to obtain a full list of combinations.”
“Ghost Walk (QQW) can be used to get yourself out of a tight situation, and also for slowing opponents so that your allies can chase/escape.”
“Sunstrike (EEE) is a global-ranged nuke that deals damage based on the level of Exort. When using it, you have to factor in the 1.7 casting time.”
“Forge Spirit (EEQ) and Cold Snap (QQQ) can be effective for pushing towers and against heroes with low armor. ”
“EMP (WWW) and Tornado (WWQ) can completely drain off heroes with low mana pools and have a impressive casting range.”


“Conversion allows Enigma to neutral creep effectively. Target the highest level creep possible and move your low HP Eidolons out of the way to save them.”
“In the lane, Conversion can be used on allied creeps to deny your opponents of experience and gold, and for making sure you last hit enemy creeps.”
“The multiple stuns on higher levels of Malefice make it useful for preventing an opponent from channeling spells or help you chase/escape them.”
“Use Midnight Pulse in conjunction with Black Hole to deal massive damage to enemies. Just make sure that you cast it before Black Hole.”
“Kelen’s Dagger is great for Black Hole placement, and a Black King Bar will prevent most spells from stopping the channeling effect of the spell.”

– Robzor.

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