Scourge Towers are better… no Sentinel’s… Confused??? Lets find out…

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Secrets, Towers

Well, most of us think that both Scourge and Sentinel towers are alike with just cosmetic differences. But is it really so? Lets have a look:

– Spirit Tower level 1 got a BAT of 1.0 and a 0.5/0.5 damage point/backswing. The missile speed is 900. Ancient Protector level 1 got a BAT of 1.0 and a of 0.4/0.6 damage point/backswing. The missile speed is 750.
– The interesting part begins at the level 2-4 towers, the following things are changed: The towers on both sides have a BAT of 0.95. (Spirit Towers remain unchanged apart from the BAT.)
Ancient Protectors have a 0.6/0.4 damage point and they have a 750 range motion buffer. (i.e. Sentinel Towers level 2-4 could start an attack, the target unit could then move up to 750 range out of the tower’s attack range before the damage point is reached and the attack would still go off.)

Why Sentinel Towers are better?
1. Sometimes we don’t see those sentinel rocks targeting us and before we respond we get 2 more rocks thrown at us. lolz
2. Camera angle is better for many players. lolz again

Why Scourge towers are better?

I feel scourge towers are better.
1. In a way, sentinel towers are slower to respond so we can probably get that last needed hit on that enemy hero before dying.
2. Sentinel missiles are slower so we can use bottle/regeneration of some kind before the last tower shot hits. (and therefore probably survive)
3. Because the scourge tower projectile flies faster, it has a better chance of hitting a fleeing invisible hero before it goes out of range.
4. The scourge tower missile speed is faster while that of sentinel tower is slower. This means that a low health creep will die faster of a scourge tower than a sentinel one. This leads to more cases of extra shot by a sentinel tower on an already dead creep than a scourge creep. Sentinel tower will waste more attacks due to attacking a creep that will die to a projectile that is still in the air. This is one of the reasons why leaving the game without any hero leads to a scourge victory most of the times.

What all of this means?
In a sense Scourge towers are better, in another sense Sentinel towers are better. Scourge towers excels at landing a hit fast while Sentinel ones excel at landing attacks on targets which runs out of their range. If you ask me, Scourge towers are better.

Source: Robzor’s post from Dota-Allstars.


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