Spiritbear’s Entangle – An Interesting Story…

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Syllabear - The Lone Druid
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Skill Description:
Random attacks cause roots to burst from the ground, immobilizing a target enemy unit for 3 seconds, and dealing 60 damage per second.
20% chance to entangle.
– This skill is acquired when the Spirit Bear is at level 3.
– This skill has a 5 second cooldown to prevent enemies from being permanently entangled.
– The skill is an orb effect and a buff placer when it procs.
A unit can’t Blink or Metamorphose when affected by this skill.
– If the target is affected by this skill and activates an invisibility spell you’ll be able to see him for Entangle’s duration.
– You can bash and crit at the same time Entangle is applied.
– Don’t go by the name. Entangle is an orb of slow which uses ‘Ensnare’ as base-skill.

What’s so interesting?
Now, what happens is that this skill is based on Pseudo Random Distribution. ‘Clogon’ at Dota-Allstars came out with a wonderful deduction by this. Basically, the chance of spirit bear entangling the enemy is 20% for the first time but much higher for subsequent entangles. Here’s what he posted as it is:

Have you ever noticed or wondered why Syllabear’s Spirit bear entangles so much? Normally you would think that once the skill is cools down you’d get 20% chance to Entangle. But if you look carefully, every time it is cooled down, the Orb goes off within a few attacks or even the next hit especially when you are constantly attacking. I finally got proof of this or at least what I think is proof. If someone can edited the test map below to make a more concise one then please do. Else, here is why this happens!!! (Those of you who knows about Pseudo Random Distribution have probably figured out why by now.)

As many of the people in mechanics know Orb of Slow follows WC3’s Pseudo Random Distribution. What people don’t know is that while the skill is in cooldown, ALL attacks count as if it missed the chance to prob and will therefore INCREASE the % of the skill procuring!!! You’ll see that if you can get your bear to do at least 17 attacks while the skill is in cooldown, you will ALWAYS entangle on the next hit!!!

In the test map below, the peasant has a BAT of 0.1 and a Fire Bolt skill with 40% proc that lasts 0.5 seconds with 0.45s cooldown. Order the peasant to attack the footman and you will see that the footman is permanently stunned. Yes I know that Spirit Bear’s entangle is only 20%, I choose to use 40% because after 5 attacks you will get 100% chance of proc. That doesn’t mean I didn’t test with 20%. In which case, the footman is stunned more than 20% of the time when the skill is cooled down. Most of the time he gets stunned at least 2x in a row which should only happen 4% of the time in the case of 20%. Try changing the setting to 20% and order the footman to patrol around the peasant. You’ll see what I mean. And that is just landing 5 attacks while the skill is in cooldown… TEST MAP DOWNLOAD

However note that only druid and no other hero benefits from this theory in DotA.

  1. LeoN says:

    lol..that’s a tricky one!

    good post 🙂

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