Dodge with Transformation Time!

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Secrets
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Spells like ensnare, sleep, entangle and targeted stuns can be evaded with a few transformations. Transformation is the act of changing in form or shape or appearance. For example, TB’s metamorphosis, Lycan’s shapeshift, Lone Druid’s bear form, etc. However, only four transformations can evade stuns. [because only these have a transformation time] These are:

1. Alchemist (Chemical Rage): 0.35 secs transform time
2. Lone Druid (True Form): 1.45 secs transform time.
3. Troll Warlord (Berserker Rage): 0.1 secs transform time.
4. Medusa (Split Shot): 0.1 secs transform time.

For example, let us suppose a storm is coming to hit you, then you must be in the process of transforming to evade the stun. This is the simplest in case of Lone Druid with high transformation time. You can also evade aerial shackles using this method [You can run around while shackled]. Remember that you will get damaged but evade the stun.

Spells whose disable part can be evaded using this method:

aerial shackles

However, other transformations cannot be used to evade stun because of their instant nature. These are:
Soul Keeper’s Metamorphosis
Lycanthrope’s Shapeshift
Dragon Knight’s Elder Dragon Form
Undying’s Flesh Golem
Ezalor’s Spirit Form
Batrider’s Firefly

Special Thanks: antiweltteilchen

More information for Mechanic Nerds:
Guide to Transformation based spells by antiweltteilchen.

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  1. rally_point says:

    do you have to be transforming during the hit, or after the spell is cast&before it lands?

    thanks for the interesting work as usual

  2. Phoenix says:

    Yes, you have to be in the process of transforming during the hit to evade the spell. It has no relation with the casting moment of spell.

  3. perjhu7 says:

    Quite difficult to use these actually. 😦

  4. Vander says:

    +1 difficult to use other than sylla

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