Blink Dodging

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Dodging attacks/spells

This post is not like “How to blink dodge?”. It’s more like “When can I blink dodge???”.

About Blink

– Blink is an ability that teleports the user a short (long distance in case of Furion) distance away. It is often used for initiating and escaping fights, and can even be used to dodge spells and attacks. Heroes with blink or blink-like skills are therefore difficult to kill and frequently employed in competitive games because of their extensive mobility/ganking potential. Kelen’s Dagger is also a common item choice by heroes that require precise placement for their skills’ effectiveness (Earthshaker, Crystal Maiden) or that depend heavily on the element of surprise (Bradwarden).

Blink has both a minimum and maximum distance. Attempting to Blink shorter than the minimum distance will generate an error message, but attempting to Blink farther than the maximum distance will instead send the hero 4/5 of the maximum distance in that direction.

– Blink usually displays an animation at the target point when the spell begins casting, not when the spell is actually cast. Quickly canceling the skill by hitting Stop will therefore display a Blinking animation without actually performing the skill, providing a means of faking out opponents. This is most commonly used with Furion’s Teleport, because of the long casting time and obvious animation.

– Blink and Blink Strike are two different skills. So, what I write in this post may or may not apply to blink strike.

Blink Dodging

Blink can be used to dodge most spells with a projectile. The hero must Blink after the projectile is released and before the projectile makes contact. The impact animation of the projectile hitting is still shown, but the spell will have no effect on the Blinking hero. If the projectile is homing, the projectile will follow the hero to its new location and display the impact animation there; otherwise, the impact animation will be shown at the hero’s location before Blinking.

To determine if you can blink dodge a particular spell or not depends on the base ability of the skill.

Storm Bolt based abilities – eg. Hell Fire, Magic Missile, Unstable Concoction, Ogre Magi’s Fireblast, Shuriken Toss, Chaos Knight’s Chaos Bolt, Mana Void, Assassinate, DK’s Dragon Tail, Lucent Beam, Lightning Bolt, Rexxar’s Primal Roar, etc. [yes there are more!]- These can be dodged no matter what the speed of the projectile is unless you’re real close to them and they just appear on top of you. Dodging slow projectiles like magic missile is practical but its rare to see people dodging fireblast/chaos bolt/dragon tail/etc. due to their high missile projectile speeds. For mana void only the ministun is evadable, not the damage.

Shadow Strike based abilities – eg. QoP, Viper Strike – Can be dodged like storm bolt based abilities.

Fan of Knives missile abilities – eg. Scream of Pain, Heat Seeking missiles, Echo Slam, Necrolyte’s Death Pulse, Quill Spray, etc. – Can be dodged.

Chain Lightning based abilities – eg. Chain Lightning, Furion’s wrath of nature, Mjollnir, etc. – Chain lightning actually damages by searching for a target after each bounce. After each bounce, it searches for a target in a particular AoE (different for different spells) and stops if no target is found. You can dodge it only if you can get out of the AoE of the skill before it acquires you the target. Once it acquires your hero as the target, you can’t dodge it with blink.

Acid Bomb Abilities – eg. Tidehunter’s Gush, Ogre Magi’s Ignite, etc. – Can be dodged.
For Gush, the damage is triggered so you can dodge the slow and armor reduction but not the damage.
For Ignite you can dodge it if you blink and do NOTHING afterwards. In this case the ignite projectile will hit there where you blinked and have it’s AoE effect there. If you give any other order the projectile will follow you to your new place and affect you because of the AoE effect.

Parasite Based Ability – Spawn Spinderlings – Can be dodged.

Ensnare Based Abilities – Naga’s net, Pit of Malice, Earthbind, Dark Troll Warlord’s Ensnare –

  1. You can’t blink when you are ensnared.
  2. Naga’s net and troll’s ensnare use a projectile before ensnaring. The target gets ensnared whatsoever and cannot be dodged… but, you can blink while the net’s projectile is in air so you can get into a safer position.
  3. You can dodge earthbind and pit of malice… just don’t get caught into it.

I may still be missing some points in this post… Kindly make a note to me if thats the case. The information I presented here is 99% correct in my knowledge. I’m still searching for exceptions and would be happy if someone corrects me.

Special Thanks: antiweltteilchen
Small parts taken from Dota-Allstars Wiki
Photo Courtesy: THE “O”


  1. rally_point says:

    another interesting post, thanks man. good to know i can blink away from alch’s stun

  2. […] it's explanation just before the "VI. Auras on Invisible Units" section.] with blink: Blink Dodging DotA Secrets __________________ Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat […]

  3. Kjervar says:

    You can’t dodge quill spray, the damage is instant, you can only blink away before he casts the spell but then anything can be dodged…

  4. inmjiunm says:


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