Requiem of Souls

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Nevermore - The Shadow Fiend
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Skill Description: Summons evil spirits around you dealing damage to units in the area. Number of spirits is related to the number of souls stored. Lowers movement speed and damage of nearby units. The closer the units are the greater the damage. 

Level 1 – Spirits dealing 80 damage each
Level 2 – Spirits dealing 120 damage each
Level 3 – Spirits dealing 160 damage each
Mana Cost: 150/175/200
Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds
Using Requiem of Souls: Requiem of Souls can be an extremely powerful spell, especially during a team fight, when the huge AOE damage and slow can possibly kill or cripple multiple heroes easily. Firstly, the damage is dependent on Necromastery – If you have less then the maximum amount of souls stored, it is usually not worth popping off Requiem of Souls. Next, Requiem of Souls requires Nevermore to be right next to his target. This is a problem as he not only has average movespeed, but also low Hit Points and no skill to help with survivability. Effective utilization of this spell usually requires a mobility item such as Lothar’s Edge, allowing you to slip into the middle of the enemy team and cast Requiem of Souls, or Kelen’s Dagger, allowing you to cast the spell just near the enemy.
Skill Mechanics: Important points:
1. The skill has 1 second casting time. [It’s not channeling]
2. The skill lowers the movement speed and damage of units in 700 AoE by 15%/20%/25%. This debuff can be removed by purge.
3. The actual AoE of the spell is 100/1325/1350.
4. You need the skill Necromastery in order for this skill to do any damage.
5. For every two souls captured by Necromastery (Stores max of 30), one line is created in his ultimate, for a maximum of 15 lines.

These lines deal the stated damage in a cone shape starting from Nevermore. They are shot out uniformly from Nevermore, with the first line extending directly to the East of Nevermore; in other words, the angle between each line is given by 360 degrees / # of lines. Because each line has a cone shape, their AOE overlap heavily, especially close to Nevermore. Therefore enemy units close to Nevermore suffer much more damage from Requiem of Souls than units far away.
This picture will make it more clearer:

The enemies in darker region of this pic shall receive more damage.
It is possible to cause an enemy to take damage from every single line with the help of Lothar’s Edge, which has an active Wind Walk that removes collision. Wind Walking so that Nevermore’s model and the enemy’s model overlap will cause the lines to spawn on top of both units, with every single one dealing damage to the hapless enemy.
Images byNieBla and rkiga
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  5. Ryan Slot says:

    Hello, i am gay, and i was wondering why there is only a maximum of 30 souls?

    P.S – i am noob

  6. Jeffrey Lay says:

    I am duh monster fag

  7. Slotty says:

    I agree with your comment Ryan, why does it have 30 souls? And why are you so gay?

  8. wow good analytics.. your a genius

  9. The almighty Chen says:

    I am wondering why there are only 30 souls, yes I am duh gai beckdour

  10. Nevermore says:

    stupid shit the maximum is 65 souls

  11. Phoenix says:

    The post hasn’t been updated (I don’t intend to right now). Earlier it used to be 60 souls max.

  12. dasdas says:

    Its fucking Hard

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