Dragons! – Green, Red & Blue!!!

Posted: December 31, 2008 in Knight Davion - The Dragon Knight
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I’m talking about the three dragon forms of Knight Davion. All of them have the same name Arc Honist. They even share some common properties:
1. 315 base movement speed
2. 500 attack range
3. Increased attack speed (It’s actually more complicated… not discussing now)
Green Dragon
The normal attack converts to “Corrosive Breath”. It’s corrosive attack deals 20 damage per second for 5 seconds. This extra damage per second follows spell resistance rules for heroes and is unreduced for towers (would work even when glyph is activated).
Red Dragon
The red dragon has 5 bonus base damage and has splash attack. The Splash deals 100% damage in a 75 AOE, 75% damage in a 150 AOE, 50% damage in a 250 AOE.

Blue Dragon
It has 14 bonus base damage and has splash attack similar to red dragon. The attack changes to Frost Breath which slows movement speed by 30% and IAS (attack speed basically) by 20% in the whole AoE for 3 seconds.
  1. Rockford_2007 says:

    nice but not for noob’s

  2. Amvz says:

    How about eye of skadi for the dragons?will the slow still works with corrosive breath,splash attack and frost breath?

  3. Amvz says:

    Or with deso?

  4. Phoenix says:

    Corrosive Breath and Frost Breath are both buff placers and as such they do not stack with items like Eye of Skadi which has a buff placer or Desolator which has both an orb effect as well as a buff placer.
    In all, NO.
    For more information, you may visit the following link which tells you all the stuff you need to know about orb effects.

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