Counter Strategies

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Guides, Secrets

Below are some ugly things you might face in games as well as how to counter them.

1. High Resistance Heroes (Dragon Knight)
Recommended Counters: Obsidian Destroyer (Pure damage), Slithereen Guard/Dazzle/Tauren Chieftain (Armour reduction).
Other Counters: Silencer(Pure damage), Witch Doctor(Maledict), Necrolyte(ulti), Chen/Pugna/Undying(Damage Amplifiers)
Item Counters: Desolator, Orchid Malevolance
2. Invisibility (Rikimaru)
Recommended: Bounty Hunter/Slardar(Track), Zeus(Bolt gives truesight)
Other: Spiritbreaker(charge gives sight), Alchemist(stun gives sight), Bristleback(Reduced back damage)
Items: Gems, Sentry wards, Dust of Appearance.
3. Mass Disable (Lion, Rhasta)
Recommended: Omniknight(Repel)
Other: Abaddon(Shield)
Items: Black King Bar (Magic Immunity).
4.  Jungling Carry (TerrorBlade)
Recommended: Beastmaster/NerubianAssassin(solo ganking)
Other: PotM/Spectre(Semi-scouting/Semi-solo ganking), Lion/Lina/Leshrac (semi-solo ganking), Luna/Juggernaut(Ganking carry)
Items: Warding jungle area.
5. Buffed Carries (Omniknight)
Recommended: Medusa/Razor/ImageHeroes going for diffusal(Purge)
Optional: Chen/Enchantress(Purge by controlled creep), Mangix(Split’s semi purge)
Items: Diffusal Blade(Purge), HotD(Control purge creep).
6. Mass Ganking (Beastmaster, Vengeful, Zeus)
Recommended: Weaver(Watchers), Beastmaster(Scout), Treant(Eyes), PotM/Chen(Helping with ulti)
Optional: Furion/PitLord(Teleport when needed)
Items: TeleportScrolls, Observer wards.

7. Strong Summons (Warlock)
Recommended: Obsidian Destroyer(Orbs bonus damage)
Optional: Chen/Enchantress(Convert strong summons like beastmaster’s pig and neutrals), Earthshaker(more summons, more damage)
Items: HotD, Diffusal Blade (High damage to summons).
8. Mass nukes (Puck)
Recommended: Nortrom/Krobelus/Traxex(Silence), Omniknight(Repel), Pugna(Nether Ward)
Optional: AntiMage(Shield)
Items: HoodOfDefiance(Damage Reduction), BlackKingBar(Avatar), Bracers/Str.Treads (more hp).

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